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Talking with Family and Friends about Majors and Careers

Family and friends can be great resources as you explore your own major and career interests.  Tell them what courses you enjoy and why. If they went to college, talk with them about what they studied and what it meant to them.

Ask them questions about their careers, how they got into them and how well they like them.  And don't forget, they may have great connections to others who have experience with a range of majors and careers.

If your family and friends did not attend college, don't fret!  The Offices of Advising Services and Career Development Services are available to help you figure things out and to provide you with additional support along the way. 

It's also important to remember that the majority of professional positions require a college degree, but not any particular major.  That means you, and your family and friends, should realize that your choice of major and your choice of career are not the same thing.

Your friends and family want what's best for you; the challenge is that only you can figure out what your intellectual and career interests are.  Well-intentioned advice about your major and career decisions are helpful, but you should also consider factors like finding satisfaction in what you study and do.

So when getting advice from family and friends, be sure to consider it along with other sources of information.  Just don't forget to say to yourself that when it comes to your choices of majors and career, "it's about me!"

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