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JNS 32, Autumn 2006


 Christine Daigle, "Nietzsche: Virtue Ethics . . . Virtue Politics?," 1-21

Jacob Golomb, "Can One Really Become a 'Free Spirit Par Excellence' or an Übermensch?," 22-40

Anthony K. Jensen, "The Rogue of All Rogues: Nietzsche's Presentation of Eduard von Hartmann's Philosophie des Unbewussten and Hartmann's Response to Nietzsche," 41-61

Robin Small, "Peter Gast," 62-67

Michael Ure, "The Irony of Pity: Nietzsche contra Schopenhauer and Rousseau," 68-91


Book Review

Robin Small, Nietzsche in Context; Reviewed by Greg Whitlock


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