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JNS 34, Autumn 2007


"Is Nietzsche a Perfectionist? Rawls, Cavell, and the Politics of Culture in Nietzsche's 'Schopenhauer as Educator'," Vanessa Lemm, 5-27

"Nietzsche's Musical Askesis for Resisting Decadence," Bruce Ellis Benson, 28-46


Review Symposium: Robert Gooding-Williams, Zarathustra’s Dionysian Modernism

Kathleen Marie Higgins, "Zarathustra’s Midlife Crisis: A Response to Gooding-Williams"

Martha Kendal Woodruff, " Untergang und Übergang: The Tragic Descent of Socrates and Zarathustra"

Paul S. Loeb, "The Thought-Drama of Eternal Recurrence"


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Robert Gooding-Williams, "Ruminations and Rejoinders: Eternal Recurrence, Nietzsche’s Noble Plato, and the Existentialist Zarathustra"