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JNS 35/36 Spring/Autumn 2008


Special Issue: Nietzsche and Contemporary Politics


Herman Siemens and Gary Shapiro, Guest Editors’ Introduction: What Does Nietzsche Mean for Contemporary Politics and Political Thought?, pp. 3-8



Gary Shapiro, "Beyond Peoples and Fatherlands: Nietzsche’s Geophilosophy and the Direction of the Earth," 9-27

Haroon Sheikh, "Nietzsche and the Neoconservatives: Fukuyama’s Reply to the Last Man," 28-47

Tracy B. Strong, "Nietzsche and the Political: Tyranny, Tragedy, Cultural Revolution, and Democracy," 48-66

Joanne Faulkner, "The Innocence of Victimhood Versus the “Innocence of Becoming”: Nietzsche, 9/11, and the 'Falling Man,'"67-85


Special Issue: Contemporary Research in Nietzsche Studies


Letter from the Assistant Editor, Rebecca Bamford



Daniel Conway, "For Whom the Bell Tolls," 88-105

Lawrence J. Hatab, "How Does the Ascetic Ideal Function in Nietzsche’s Genealogy?, 106-123

Christopher Janaway, "Beyond Selflessness in Ethics and Inquiry," pp. 124-140

David Owen, "Nietzsche’s Genealogy Revisited," 141-154


Book Reviews

Brian Leiter, Nietzsche and Morality; Reviewed by Mark P. Jenkins

Gudrun von Tevenar, ed., Nietzsche and Ethics;  Reviewed by Martin Liebscher

Robert C. Solomon, Living with Nietzsche: What the Great “Immoralist” Has to Teach Us;  Reviewed by Peter D. Murray

Keith Ansell-Pearson, How to Read Nietzsche; Reviewed by Rainer J. Hanshe and Alan Rosenberg

Gregory Moore, Nietzsche, Biology, and Metaphor;  Reviewed by Dirk R. Johnson

Gregory Moore and Thomas H. Brobjer, eds., Nietzsche and Science; Reviewed by Peter D. Murray

Tamsin Shaw, Nietzsche’s Political Skepticism;  Reviewed by Saul Tobias

Dale Wilkerson, Nietzsche and the Greeks;  Reviewed by Joel E. Mann

Thomas H. Brobjer, Nietzsche’s Philosophical Context: an Intellectual Biography;  Reviewed by Robin Small

Nietzsche Research Group under the direction of Paul van TongerenGerd SchankHerman Siemens, eds., Nietzsche-Wörterbuch, vol. 1: Abbreviatur–einfach; Reviewed by Marco Brusotti (translated by Lisa Marie Anderson)

Hauke Reich, Nietzsche-Zeitgenossenlexikon: Verwandte und Vorfahren, Freunde und Feinde, Verehrer und Kritiker von Friedrich Nietzsche;  Reviewed by Daniel Blue

Volker Gerhardt and Renate Reschke, eds., Nietzscheforschung: Jahrbuch der Nietzsche-Gesellschaft, vol. 13: Zwischen Musik, Philosophie und Ressentiment; Reviewed by Ray Furness

Richard Schain, The Legend of Nietzsche’s Syphilis; Reviewed by Brian Domino

Christian J. Emden, Nietzsche on Language, Consciousness, and the Body; Reviewed by M. Gregory Oakes

Isabelle Wienand, Significations de la Mort de Dieu chez Nietzsche d’Humain, trop humain à Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra; Reviewed by Niels Helsloot

Tobias Dahlkvist, Nietzsche and the Philosophy of Pessimism: A Study of Nietzsche’s Relation to the Pessimistic Tradition: Schopenhauer, Hartmann, Leopardi; Reviewed by Matthew Meyer

Nicholas Rennie, Speculating on the Moment: The Poetics of Time and Recurrence in Goethe, Leopardi, and Nietzsche; Reviewed by Keith Ansell-Pearson

Rohit Sharma, On the Seventh Solitude: Endless Becoming and Eternal Return in the Poetry of Friedrich Nietzsche; Reviewed by Peter D. Murray

James Luchte and Eva Leadon, eds. and trans., The Peacock and the Buffalo: The Poetry of Friedrich Nietzsche; Reviewed by Peter D. Murray

Daniel W. Conway, Nietzsche and the Political; Reviewed by Herman Siemens


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