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JNS 37, Spring 2009



P. J. E. Kail, "Nietzsche and Hume: Naturalism and Explanation," pp. 5-22

Rex Welshon, "Saying Yes to Reality: Skepticism, Antirealism, and Perspectivism in Nietzsche's Epistemology," pp. 23-43

Brian Schroeder, "Dancing Through Nothing: Nietzsche, the Kyoto School, and Transcendence," pp. 44-65

Simon Robertson, "Nietzsche's Ethical Revaluation," pp. 66-90


Book Reviews

Christopher Janaway, Beyond Selflessness: Reading Nietzsche's "Genealogy"; Reviewed by Mark Jenkins

T. K. Seung, Nietzsche's Epic of the Soul: "Thus Spake Zarathustra"; Reviewed by Robin Small

Nuno Nabais, Nietzsche and the Metaphysics of the Tragic; Reviewed by Isabelle Wienand

Christine Battersby, The Sublime, Terror, and Human Difference; Reviewed by Matthew Harris

Roy Jackson, Nietzsche and Islam; Reviewed by Michael J. McNeal

Maria Cristina Fornari, La morale evolutiva del gregge—Nietzsche legge Spencer e Mill; Reviewed by João Tiago Proença

Volker Gerhardt and Renate Reschke, eds., Nietzscheforschung 14. "Nietzsche und Europa—Nietzsche in Europa";  Reviewed by Alexander-Maria Zibis


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