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JNS 39, Spring 2010


Special Issue: Nietzsche's Trans/Revaluation of Values


Introduction, Hugo Drochon



"A Note on the Term 'Umwerthung'," Duncan Large, 5-11

"The Original and Early Context of the Revaluation Theme in Nietzsche's Thinking," Thomas H. Brobjer, 12-29

"On the Logic of Values," Manuel Dries, 30-50

"Philosophy and the Morning: Nietzsche and the Politics of Transfiguration," Tracy B. Strong, 51-65

"'The Time is Coming When We Will Relearn Politics'," Hugo Drochon, 66-85


Book Reviews

Michael Steven Green, Nietzsche and the Transcendental Tradition; Reviewed by R. Kevin Hill

Luca Lupo, Le colombe dello scettico. Riflessioni di Nietzsche sulla coscienza negli anni 1880-1888; Reviewed by Pietro Gori

Manuel Dries, ed., Nietzsche on Time and History; Reviewed by Wolter Hartog

Michael Ure, Nietzsche's Therapy: Self-Cultivation in the Middle Works; Reviewed by Scott Jenkins


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