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JNS 45.2 Summer (preview)

Proceedings from the North American Nietzsche Society

Letter from the NANS Editor


"Self and Style: Life as Literature Revisited," Christopher Janaway

"Self-Interpreting Selves: Comments on Alexander Nehamas’s Nietzsche: Life as Literature," Robert Pippin

"Nietzsche, Drives, Selves And Leonard Bernstein: A Reply To Christopher Janaway And Robert Pippin," Alexander Nehamas

"Williams and Nietzsche on the Significance of History for Moral Philosophy," Alexander Prescott-Couch

"Nietzsche’s Use of Monumental History," Scott Jenkins

"Emotion, Cognition, and the Value of Literature: The Case of Nietzsche’s Genealogy," Antony Aumann

"Sublimation and Affirmation in Nietzsche’s Psychology," Joseph Swenson


Book Reviews

Christa Davis Acampora and Keith Ansell Pearson, Nietzsche’s 'Beyond Good and Evil': A Reader’s Guide. Reviewed by Matthew Meyer

Henry Burnett. Nietzsche, Adorno e um pouquinho de Brasil. Reviewed by André Luis Muniz Garcia

Simon May, Nietzsche's 'On the Genealogy of Morality'. Reviewed by Neil Sinhababu

Miguel Angel de Barrechenea, Charles Feitosa, Paulo Pinheiro, and Rosana Suarez (eds.), Nietzsche e as ciências. Reviewed by Eduardo Nasser

C. Heike Schotten, Nietzsche's Revolution: Décadence, Politics, and Sexuality. Reviewed by Michael McNeal

Jutta Georg and Claus Zittel (eds.), Nietzsches Philosophie des Unbewussten. Reviewed by Mattia Riccardi

Damir Barbarić, Im Angesicht des Unendlichen: Zur Metaphysikkritik Nietzsches. Reviewed by Maurizio Scandella