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Q: How often is the journal published?

A: The Journal of Nietzsche Studies currently publishes three times annually: Winter (February), Summer (July), and Autumn (October)


Q: How long does the review process take?

A: This varies according to time of year (reviewers are sometimes difficult to find during the summer months) and other factors that impact our ability to secure appropriate reviewers. In general, we aim for an 8-week evaluation and response period.


Q: What is your review process?

A: JNS uses a blind peer-review process. Submissions are reviewed by the editorial team to determine their suitability for peer-review. We generally secure two reviewers; on occasion, we get reports from three. Reviewers make recommendations to: publish, not publish, publish with revisions, or revise and resubmit. The editorial team uses these recommendations in formulating its final decisions.


Q: What is the acceptance rate?

A: The Journal acceptance rate is currently 10%.


Q: How do I subscribe to the Journal?

A: Please visit Johns Hopkins subscription service:

Members of the Friedrich Nietzsche Society and the North American Nietzsche Society receive a discount.