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Nietzsche Online (NO)

New electronic resources from De Gruyter available at:

Besides giving you access to the complete edition of the works and letters of Friedrich Nietzsche by Giorgio Colli and Mazzino Montinari, the Nietzsche Online database also includes the publications that have been published by De Gruyter on Nietzsche’s works and reception. Hence, a complete database on one of the most important philosophers is available to you for the first time. In addition to approximately 70 volumes of the Nietzsche edition, there are more than 80 monographs and reference works such as the Nietzsche-Wörterbuch and the annual volumes of the Nietzsche-Studien—altogether over 100,000 book pages.

However, the research platform offers considerably more than the sum of its print content. One feature is that the online edition of the KGW and the KGB contains the entire text corpus in updated form, with all subsequent corrections, including those from subdivision IX, incorporated into the text. With Nietzsche Online you thus have access to the most recent and up-to-date text versions. A second feature is that we have taken advantage of the possibilities of the digital edition to give you access to all documents related to a text in its context. Precursor texts, variants, commentaries and annotations are retrievable line by line in footnotes via popups. Central documents, manuscript descriptions, the forewords of Giorgio Colli from the KSA and other central documents can be found in the context menu in the right-hand window next to the respective text, facilitating research to the entire text corpus. Previously, one had to search through several volumes and in different reference apparatus.

he content of the texts in the database is extensively linked—during your research you can directly retrieve the secondary literature related to the specific Nietzsche passage. Definitions from the Nietzsche Dictionary can be retrieved directly from the Nietzsche text. The posthumous fragments of Nietzsche from autumn 1885 on can now be compared directly next to each other – in the version of KSA 10-13, the transcriptions of subdivision IX and the facsimiles of the notebooks and folders.

Using the navigation in the “Browse” menu and the different search criteria you can narrow your searches. Clicking on the help button will provide you with more details and useful tips and tricks.

In the fly-out on the right you will find diverse aids which we hope you will find helpful—e.g. a list of abbreviations for German and English Nietzsche texts, and a collated concordance to the fragments.

The database will be expanded on a regular basis to include new print content and also ahead-of-print content, which will at first only be available in Nietzsche Online. New entries to the Nietzsche-Wörterbuch and pages on special topics will also be added. The updates will also contain new functions and features. More details on the planned updates can be found in the document “Status / Updates 2011”.

We hope that Nietzsche Online will support you in obtaining “unexpected results” and that when working with the database you will occasionally discover “what itself is the win of all wins” (11 = M III 1; DOI 10.1515/NO_W004477_0011 - 11[82] and FW 1, 42; DOI: DOI: 10.1515/NO_W004477_0005).

Any suggestions you may have regarding improvements, corrections and report of errors (which unfortunately still may exist) are greatly appreciated. We are grateful for any feedback sent to —even though the mail address may suggest otherwise.