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Current Residents

We are happy to have you as part of our Residence Hall Community. As a member of the community, we encourage you to take part in the many activities and programs that are hosted by the Residence Life Staff as well as the Brookdale Campus.

Information on Residence Hall Fees (PDF)

Living at Hunter, Residence Life Handbook (PDF)

Extended Visitor Pass Form -

This form is for Current Residents who would like to have a visitor stay with them for up to 6 nights. Please be sure to read all the guidelines for extended visitors on the application. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office Of Residence Life.

Contract Cancelation Form -

Application for Graduation Extension- will be available at a later date.

Appeal Form:

If you have been notified the current semester is your final semester of housing eligibility in the residence hall and wish to appeal to stay an additional term, please select the link below to fill out an appeal form. Please be aware that no appeals are guaranteed. 

Apply to be a Resident Assistant (RA) or Community Assistant (CA): 


Re-Application for Residence

  • Current residents must reapply for the Fall semester (returning student application). Even if you are provided a room as part of a scholarship program, if you fail to submit an application, you run the risk of losing your room. (Rooms are not guaranteed without application).
  • Applicants who have earned more than 95 credits by the move-in date are limited to one year of residency.
  • Honors College, Dorm Scholars, Dorm Access, and Athena Scholars, and Athletes receive housing for four years (with yearly re-application). Residents who receive priority status for housing via participation in academic, athletic, or other special programs must meet program requirements in order to retain priority status. Each special program retains the right to deny priority status to residents who discontinue their association with the program or who fail to meet program requirements.
  • All other undergraduates and graduates who are selected via the aforementioned selection process will receive housing for two years.
  • Priority for returning students only applies to students who are continuing enrollees and residents. Students who voluntarily leave the residence hall prior to completing the number of years to which they are entitled will forfeit their eligibility and priority as “returning students.”
  • Re-applicants must meet all published deadlines for submission of applications and fees. Failure to submit applications on time will result in loss of priority.
  • Students who do not keep their accounts paid and up to date may be denied priority for housing in subsequent semesters or academic years. Students who have unpaid balances from prior semesters can be refused housing in subsequent semesters.
  • Residents participating in NSE or other exchange programs are not eligible for housing in subsequent years.


Refrigerator Rentals

Students are allowed to keep a small refrigerator in their rooms- no larger than 4.5 cubic ft. Residents can bring their own refrigerator or have a rental. Collegiate Storage and Rentals offers refrigerator rentals delivered to the resident’s room at check in or by appointment. They have representatives on the Brookdale Campus at check in and check out for immediate delivery and pick-up. For more information, please visit Collegiate Storage and Rentals.

Summer Storage

If you choose not to live in the Residence over the Summer Term, you will be required to remove your belongings from the the room until you return in the Fall. Also, if you go on Education Abroad or other exchange programs, you will be required to vacate your room for the term of your absence. For information regarding summer and temporary storage options, please visit  Collegiate Storage and Rentals.


Residence Hall Safety Tips

  • Nearly every theft from a residence hall room is through an unlocked door.
  • Always lock your door when the room is unoccupied or when you are sleeping.
  • Personal computers / laptops should be engraved and, in many cases secured. Call Public Safety (212) 772-4521 for more information.
  • Report immediately to Public Safety any suspicious person in the residence hall!
  • If you have a guest be sure to instruct them to follow the residence hall rules (Hunter Living) requiring that you escort your guest while on campus at all times.
  • Let your family, friends or your RA know if you are not going to be on campus for any length of time, weekends, holidays, etc.


Residence Life Office Hours/RA Office Hours

Our hours of operations are as follow: Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM -5:00 PM and our RA staff holds office hours between the hours of 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM from Monday thru Thursday. During the weekends they are available via phone or in their rooms.

Keys, Lock-outs

Residents should lock their doors at all times. Hunter College is not responsible for loss or theft resulting from failure to secure and lock rooms.

Lost keys should be reported immediately. Residents are charged $40 for a lost key and can be charged an additional $40 for a lock change.

Residents should carry their keys with them at all times, and must not lend them to anyone. Students who lose their keys  are subject to fines and replacement costs as follows:

  • Lost key—$40

Lock-out—No charge; only done between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM weekdays; lockouts will not be done after 1:00 AM on the weekends. If you are locked out after hours you will have to make arrangements to stay with a friend.

Loaner key—You may check-out a spare key from Residence Life but must return it within 72 hours or you will be charged. Residence Life reserves the right to refuse checking out a loaner key to residents abusing this privilege.

  • Replacement of lost residence hall sticker - $5

No staff member will provide access to anyone other than the resident assigned to the room. In extreme cases, we would allow a third party access to your room but only with prior written permission received from the resident. We will also have to deal with any plain-sight policy violations found within the room when providing access.

Please report lost keys  immediately. You will not need to pay the lost key or lock-out charges right away—they will be billed to your account.

Residents of the floor play an important role in keeping the bathrooms secure. Please report damaged or broken doors. Do not put tape on the locking mechanisms or put items in front of the doors to hold them open. We will fix doors as we are aware of them but cannot be held responsible if the residents take steps to compromise the security of the bathroom doors.



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