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Resident and Community Assistants


The Resident Assistant/Community Assistant is an integral part of Hunter’s Residence Life Program. Resident/Community Assistants are committed to the development of community living at Hunter College. They have extensive contact with our resident students, and serve as liaisons and resource persons within the campus community. RA/CAs promote the integration of all aspects of campus life (academic, personal, and co-curricular) and assist in establishing supportive communities for resident students that help them to meet their own and the College’s educational objectives. Advising and event planning are two key ways the RA/CAs work towards developing community and civic engagement. Clear and frequent communication between the Resident Assistant, Community Assistant, Director, Assistant Director, and the Office of Residence Life is critical for the success of the Residence Life Program.

Function of Position
The Resident/Community Assistant works with their residents and other residence life staff members, to help create an environment in the residence halls that contributes to the intellectual, social and cultural development of the members of the residential community. The RA/CA articulates the philosophy and policies of the Office of Residence Life and Hunter College to the students, and in turn represents the needs of the students to the administration.


Community Responsibilities:
The main focus of the Resident Assistant position is to create a positive community with residents. Some examples of the work RAs do include:

  • Act as a resource for questions, concerns, issues, etc.
  • Be available and accessible to residents.
  • Know all of the residents in your assigned community and interact with them.
    This includes: 
    Offering support and directing residents to an appropriate source of counseling for personal, social, and academic concerns.
    Recognizing the talents and interests of residents and encouraging positive outlets for those talents and interests.
    Building self-confidence in residents while helping them recognize their abilities and talents.
    Encouraging students to try new activities and/or pursue familiar ones.
    Encouraging students to seek out professors and instructors when academic questions or difficulties occur.
    Referring students to appropriated departments/resources for assistance.
    Coordinating and implementing events, activities and programs. An RA/CA is responsible for completing a set of number of formal events/ programs during a semester. Events include bulletin boards, promoting opportunities for interaction, community service activities, floor event, etc. The RA/CA is encouraged and prepared to follow a wellness wheel of programming which includes but is not limited to: cultural, financial, environmental, physical, intellectual, spiritual, social, life planning, sexual awareness, health awareness and emotional model programming.
    Teaching residents to build positive habits into their daily lives.
    Completing several hours of duty per week. Duty involves staffing the RA office, handling lock-outs, and dealing with emergencies during the evening hours. 

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Complete room condition reports which detail the condition of a room upon arrival and departure.
  • Document situations where resident behavior rises to a level of concern that needs to be formally addressed.
  • Submit maintenance requests when necessary
  • Assist with Orientation, Check-In, Check-Out and RA/CA Selection/Informational sessions.
  • Assist with the Room Change process, from completing paperwork to welcoming students to their new community.


RA Duty

Part of a Resident Assistant’s responsibilities is to serve on a scheduled duty rotation for their community. Every night there is an RA On-Duty and an RA On-Call. The duty person is the main contact with the administrator on duty. The RA On-Call acts as a back-up for the RA On-Duty.

On-Duty consists of:

  • Starting duty at 6:00 pm on an assigned evening.
  • Reporting emergencies or serious illness.
  • Explaining and enforcing College policy
  • Checking-in with the Professional Staff member on-call at the start of duty, before and after each set of rounds, and reporting any incidents that occur during duty.

On-Call consists of:

  • On-Call responsibilities on the assigned evening.
  • Completing rounds with the On-Duty person.
  • Being accessible to the RA On-Duty or Professional Staff member On-Call for any situation.



RA/CA Training is meant to provide each Resident/Community Assistant with the skills to create a positive community with their residents, handle difficult situations, and learn all the responsibilities of the position. RA/CAs must participate in all official training as determined by the Office of Residence Life. Training occurs during the following time periods:

  • RA/CA Training and Check-In Procedures will take place from August 15th to the 25th, including Sunday. You will need to be available for all scheduled training and check in procedures. All Staff meetings occur regularly every Monday at 7:15pm and continue until 9:30pm. The meetings take place in the East Building Lounge and all are mandatory.


An important role of the Resident/Community Assistant is to maintain open dialogue with the Residence Life Staff. In order to better serve our resident students, we must be able to communicate openly and frequently about happenings in the community. A Resident/Community Assistant sees the students’ interaction and knows about their wellbeing better than anyone because of their close proximity to residents. Because of this, RA/CA opinions and suggestions on how to address student concerns are taken seriously by the professional Residence Life staff.

Responsibilities around communication include but are not limited to:

  • Attendance of weekly RA staff meetings
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with their supervisor as assigned at the beginning of the year.


RA/CA’s have ongoing evaluations through their one-on-one meetings with a professional staff member. Furthermore, there are formal evaluations in “April” that are conducted by a professional staff member. If an RA/CA wishes to return for another year, a re-application process and a final assessment will be conducted in late April. If successful during the re-application process, the Resident Assistant will be re-hired.



  1. Admission to Hunter College as an undergraduate student in good standing and completion of at least 24 credits by the start of service as an RA/ CA.
  2. Enrolled in the college for at least one semester as a full-time student.
  3. Have lived in the Residence Hall for at least one semester.
  4. Support and comply with the rules and regulations of Hunter College.
  5. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, 2.7 for CA. This minimum GPA must be maintained during the RAs tenure.
  6. Support and comply with the rules and regulations of Hunter College.
  7. Not currently on any type of probation.
  8. If an RA or CA is released from employment during the course of an academic year (through termination, resignation, or other job action), they will incur the cost of housing for the semester in which the release/termination takes place.

Job Description

Resident/Community Assistants are selected to aid the Professional Staff Team in establishing positive relationships with students and in maintaining the overall operation of the residence hall. They are directly responsible to their assigned professional staff member and indirectly responsible to the Student Life Deans.

Although they are working with their peers and are sometimes hesitant to exercise authority over them, RAs should realize their position is a job that requires proper performance. Just as immediate supervisors in the workplace are responsible for the performance of those under them if they expect to maintain their positions, RA/ CAs must exercise their responsibilities in the workplace in order to earn wages and keep their jobs.

Research and past experiences have shown that an effective RA/ CA is:

  • A friendly person who relates well to people
  • A person who is willing to learn and use counseling skills in his/her contact with residents. This includes being a good listener, being sensitive to the needs of others, and being willing to receive training in order to enhance counseling and referral skills.
  • A mature person who has demonstrated the ability to assume responsibility and the capability of acting with authority in appropriate situations.

General Expectations

  1. The RA/ CA should be available to students in their community on a regular basis.
  2. RAs will be evaluated periodically on a formal basis and informally on a continuing basis. Reappointment or continuation in the position is dependent on the Residence Life Staff’s assessment of satisfactory performance.
  3. The RA/CA must not assume any paid responsibilities outside of the RA/CA job without prior approval from the Assistant Director of Residence Life.
  4. Desired personal qualities for a Resident Assistant & Community Assistant
  • Interest in people on an individual basis and awareness of the feelings, needs, and rights of others.
  • Self-discipline.
  • Interest in group living and in promoting positive aspects of community life on his/her floor/building and in the community as a whole.
  • Commitment to the position
  • Positive attitude about self, students, faculty, staff, the Office of Residence Life and the College.
  • Effective leadership skills.
  • Sense of self-awareness.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Maturity of judgment.
  • Ability and willingness to work both independently and cooperatively, and to be a positive member of the RA staff group.

We are currently not looking for RAs or CAs. Please check the website periodically for updates.

TO THE APPLICANT: Email the following link to the two people you are using as a reference.

If an RA/CA applicant has asked you to serve as a reference, FILL OUT the RA/CA REFERENCE FORM



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