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Alternative Housing Options

Tech-driven Rental Brokerage:

Urban Compass is a technology-driven real estate brokerage that takes a modern approach to real estate, offering technology that empowers agents and clients to collaborate on a home search that is simple, intelligent and enjoyable. Urban Compass is not affiliated with Hunter College, CUNY or the Office of Residence Life. If interested, students can click on Urban Compass which will link you to their website for further information.


Residences/Rooms to Rent:

The following is a list of a few off-campus housing that we have compiled for students who are interested in alternative housing. These facilities are in no way associated with Hunter College, CUNY, or the Office of Residence Life. Please feel free to contact these facilities via phone or email, and make sure to visit these locations prior to signing any form of contract. The following list is in no way rated or prioritized.

The Towers at the City University of New York
401 West 130th Street
New York, NY 10027
The Towers, located on the South Campus of the City University of New York, opened in August 2006. Currently, The Towers provide accommodations for 589 student residents.

Educational Housing Services
31 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10010
(800) 297-4694
EHS is a not-for-profit organization that provides comfortable, affordable and safe housing for students all year long. Properties are located in East Midtown, the Herald Square neighborhood and Brooklyn Heights. Lease by the semester or the 9 month school year. Summer housing is also available.

3 East Third Co.
3 East 3rd St., Manhattan
(212) 533-7749  (call ONLY between 9:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.) E-mail:
Rents furnished dormitory-style rooms at a current rate of $220 per week. $220 security deposit required. Room includes Color TV and small refrigerator. No cooking allowed. Shared bathroom and shower on each floor. Wireless connection $5.00 extra per week.

French Y.W.C.U.
124 W. 16th St., Manhattan
(212) 243-5573
Located in Chelsea. Rent rooms to French students only, current rate of $135 per week. DOES NOT INCLUDE MEALS

International House
500 Riverside Drive, Manhattan
(212) 316-8434
Rents single rooms and apartment shares to graduate students only at Upper West Side
location. Current rates: $540-1200 per month. On-line application available.

Y.M.C.A. (Flushing, Queens)
138-46 Northern Blvd. Queens
(718) 961-6880
Contact: Peter Demetrius
Rooms at monthly rate of $700. One semester maximum stay may be extended upon
request. Must provide proof of registration.

American Youth Hostels
891 Amsterdam Ave., Manhattan NY 10025
(212) 932-2300, ext. 155  or (212) 932-2574
All Prices Are Subject To Change Based on Availability
Pricing per night $35.  $32.  $30.  $135.  $120.
Family Room (accommodates a party of 4; 1 queen size bed and 1 bunk bed
Private Room (accommodates a party of 4; 1 queen size bed and 1 bunk bed with private bath)
Mixed and single-sex dorms are available. Maximum stay is 27 days. Hostelling International USA is a membership organization. While purchasing a membership is recommended, it is not required; all non-members will be subject to a fee (non-refundable).

Broadway Studios Hotel
230 West. 101st St. (at Broadway), Manhattan
(212) 865-7711
Single and double rooms available for maximum of four weeks. Located on Upper West Side.

Hotel 57
130 E. 57th St., Manhattan
(212) 753-8841
Upper East Side hotel (near campus) offers single and double occupancy rooms for 3-week maximum stay. ( Will give cooperate rate since we are a college.

International Student Center
38 W. 88th St., Manhattan
(212) 787-7706
Located on Upper West Side. Dormitory-style accommodations for all students between ages 18-35 only (who are not from the NY area). 2-week maximum stay. (

International Student Hospice
154 E. 33rd St., Manhattan
(212) 228-7470
Rooms available for one-week maximum stay. Current rate: $25 per night. Reservations and interview required. Located between main campus and Health Sciences campus. (Accepting Male students only!)

Malibu Studios Hotel
2688 Broadway (at 103rd St.), Manhattan
(212) 222-2954 (after 3PM)
Hotel catering to student tourists offers weekly and monthly rates. Located on Upper West Side (cross-town bus ride to main campus).

Y.M.C.A. (Harlem)
180 W. 135th St., Manhattan
(212) 281-4100
Offers single and double rooms at weekly rate of approximately $213.50 weekly. 28-day maximum stay. Requirement: Student I.D. letter of enrollment (tuition bill)

Y.M.C.A. (Vanderbilt)
224 E. 47th St. (at 1st Ave.), Manhattan
(212) 756-9600
Located on East Side near United Nations building. Offers single and double rooms at daily rate of $80-90. 25-day maximum stay.

Y.M.C.A. (Westside)
5 W. 63rd. St. (at Central Park West), Manhattan
(212) 875-4100
Located next to Central Park on Upper West Side. Offers single and double rooms at daily rate of $80-97. 25-day maximum stay.

Female Only Residences

Centro Maria
539 W. 54th St.
(212) 757-6989
Located on far West Side. (Cross-town bus to main campus.) Current rates for single rooms are $190 per week and doubles are $165 per week. Triples are $160. For people older than 28 years, $ 55 per night. Four-week maximum stay. Interview required.

El Carmelo Residence
249 W. 14th St., Manhattan
(212) 242-8224
Current rate of $135. per week, including breakfast and dinner. One-year maximum stay.

John & Mary Markle Memorial Residence
123 W. 13th St., Manhattan
(212) 242-2400
Contact: Ms. Grant
Located in Greenwich Village. Rents rooms at current rates: Double - $ 1,025, regular - $ 1,125, Medium - $1,225, $ 1,200 – per month and for 4 girls to a room $ 900.

Sacred Heart Residence
432 W. 20th St., Manhattan
(212) 929-5790
Rents rooms to women ages 18-30. Located in Chelsea.


St. Agnes Residence
237 w. 74th St., Manhattan
(212) 874-1361 Fax  (212)249-4336
Located on Upper West Side. Single room – 3 people share bathroom - $425 month, Single room, 1 bathroom $475 per month. 3 -4 month waiting list.

St. Mary Residence
255 E. 72nd St., Manhattan
New York, NY 10021
(212) 249-6850
Located on Upper East Side very close to main campus. Rents rooms at current rate of $184 per week or more. (Send SASE in order to receive application.) (

Webster Apartments
419 W. 34th St., Manhattan
(212) 967-9000
Current rate of $195 per week includes two meals per day and mail service. 4-week minimum stay, 5-year maximum stay. All residents must work fifteen hours per week and show proof of enrollment. Personal interview also required.

YWCA (Judson Post)
30 Third Avenue, Brooklyn
Contact: Rolinda Ordonez, Residence Director  for more information call the at 718-875-1190, ext. 223 or email
Located in downtown Brooklyn. Rents single rooms with shared bath at current rate of $585 per month.

Male Only Residences

Y.M.C.A. (Greenpoint)
99 Mesorle Ave., Brooklyn
(718) 389-3700
Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Subway transportation is nearby but transfers are
required in order to get to main campus. Current rates are one adult $315 – deluxe, $252. - economy. 28-day maximum stay.

Y.M.C.A. (Twelve Town)
570 Jamaica Avenue, Queens
(718) 277-1600
Rents single rooms at current rate of $40 per day. 28-day maximum stay.

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