Charita J. Johnson

Developing Leaders Through Graduate Education

Currently in her Senior year at Hunter College of the City University of New York


Community Health Education


Megha Ramaswamy

African- American Women in the Media: Will They Ever Get a Break Even if Their Health is Concerned?

This research project will discuss some of the stereotypical images of African- American women in the media, such as the Mammy, Jezebel, Sapphire, and Welfare Queen. This research will explore how these images affect the health of African-American women in the United States. African American women are often not considered a priority where socioeconomic status is concerned and are not given the proper reputation and voice within society. The elimination of these false perceptions of African-American women in the media has not been encouraged because it brings an increase in revenues to the entertainment industry. A review of the literatures written by historians, African American feminists, and African American scholars will further explore the questions of how African-American women stereotypes have an affect on their health, socioeconomic status, and the way they are perceived by society.