Natalie Y. Soto

Developing Leaders Through Graduate Education

Cornell University


English Language & Literature


Michael Dowdy, Ph.D.

A Comparative Study of Latina/o Literatures: Memory and the Longing for Home

This research focuses on the diversity within Latina/o literatures by mapping the idiosyncrasies, which vary by both geographical location and national origin. With an emphasis on the writings of Helena Marķa Viramontes and Judith Ortiz Cofer, this project will discuss the overlapping historical contexts for their work and the ways they imagine complex Latina/o identities across borders. Further examined is the way by which Latina/o narratives construct identity as a function of memory and the longing for home. As a comparative study, this project will also explore the definitions and experience of borders and the manner by which language in these works serve to dissolve the traditional idea of genre.