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Rosanne Flores, Ph.D.

An Examination of the Relationship of Motherís and Their Kindergarten Children

Understanding concepts of time is central to the process of human development because time is essential for people to function in everyday life. This study tests the amount of future talk a mother shares with her child. The variables that were tested are gender and socioeconomic status (SES). Previous studies have not tested whether there was a difference between, the amount of future talk a mother shares with her child and the childís gender. They did not test if there is an impact in the familyís socio-economic status and the amount of future talk motherís share with their child. In this study conversations of mothers and their children were tape reordered and then transcribed; the focus was on the amount of future talk between mother and children. Half of the children came from middle income families and the other half came from low income families, there was an equal amount of boys and girls. The preliminary results have shown that mothers and children from low SES backgrounds used more future talk in their daily conversations. Mothers also used more future talk with their sons then their daughters in both socio-economic groups.