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Please read carefully the FAQ below.  If your question is not included in this list, you can send an email to:
Allow a minimum of two (2) business days for your question to be answered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Applying and Selection Process

1. Can I still apply if I’m still acquiring my Masters in Social Work (MSW) or Mental Health Counseling (MHC) degree?
Yes, you can apply for a MSW position as long as you have met all your degree requirements by July 1st, 2017.  You will need to provide MHSC Human Resources with a letter from your university/college that states “ALL the requirements for you degree have been completed”. 

2. When will I know if I was chosen for an interview with MHSC?
We will schedule ongoing interviews until all positions are filled, however, all applicants who apply prior to March 31, 2017 will get preference for an interview to work with the MHSC.

3. How will I be notified if I was chosen for an interview with MHSC?

Candidates will be contacted by phone for a brief phone interview.  Those candidates who meet criteria will later be contacted via email for an in-person interview.

4. How will interviews be conducted?
The interview will be composed of two parts: 1) 15 minutes will be allocated to a live writing sample where the candidate will choose and answer 1 out of 3 questions 2) the formal interview. 

5. Who will conduct the interview?
At least two (2) people of the Interview Team will be present during an interview. The Interview Team may be composed of Licensed Certified Social Work Consultants, Licensed Certified Social Work Supervisors, other Clinical Leadership, Senior Management, Human Resources Manager and Site Coordinators.

6. Who is the ideal candidate for MHSC?
We are looking for community-minded clinicians who are committed to our mission and values and to working in high need communities. The ability to work independently and in teams, and to be flexible are ingredients to a great MHSC working experience.

7. When will I find out if I have been selected to become a Behavioral Health Clinician for MHSC?
Candidates will be selected on a rolling basis pending reference and background checks.  HR will be contacting you if you have been selected.

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