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Dear Members of the Hunter College Community:

I am delighted to report that the Middle States Commission on Higher Education voted on November 19th to reaffirm Hunter's accreditation.  I encourage you to read the evaluation team's final report, posted below, which confirms that Hunter has met all 14 Standards of Excellence and cites so many of Hunter's significant achievements over the past ten years.

As you can see below, the Commission has asked Hunter to report back in two years on progress on the re-envisioning of the College's mission statement, the crafting and implementation of a strategic plan, and the implementation of a plan for the assessment of institutional effectiveness.

We thank you for all you have done over the past several  years to contribute to Hunter's reaccreditation, and hope that you will join the administration and the Senate as we move forward to develop a strategic plan that we can all be proud of.


Jennifer J. Raab


Middle States Commission on Higher Education: Most Recent Commission Action

November 19, 2009

To reaffirm accreditation. To request a monitoring report by October 1, 2011, documenting development and implementation of a comprehensive institutional strategic plan (Standard 2) that incorporates (1) a mission that clearly defines the institution's purpose within the context of higher education and indicates who the institution serves and what it intends to accomplish (Standard 1), (2) mission, goals, and planning processes that are developed through collaborative constituent participation, are clearly communicated to and widely known by the institution's members, and incorporate the use of assessment results (Standards 1 and 2), and (3) comprehensive, integrated, and sustained processes to assess the achievement of institutional mission and goals (Standard 7). The Periodic Review Report is due June 1, 2014.

 Final Report of Hunter's Middle States Evaluation Team


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