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Student Admissions and Retention

Standard 8

The institution seeks to admit students whose interests, goals, and abilities are congruent with its mission and seeks to retain them through the pursuit of the students’ educational goals.


1. Statements in the Catalog and Elsewhere of Admissions Criteria and Policies


Hunter College Undergraduate Catalog: page 6


Hunter College Graduate Catalog: page 6


2. Information and Application Packets for Students


Hunter College Admissions


3. Information Supplied to Applicants Regarding Academic Programs (including required placement or diagnostic testing); Student Learning Outcomes; Financial Aid; Scholarships; Grants, Loans and Refunds; Transfer Credit and Credit for Extra-Institutional College-Level Learning (which also meet the requirements for Standard 11)


Hunter College Admissions


Hunter College Financial Aid


Hunter College Testing


CUNY Transfer Information & Program Planning System (TIPPS)


4. Retention and Graduation Statistics and Studies


Hunter Regular and SEEK Entering Freshmen: Fall 1996-Fall 2007, Tracked through Fall 2008


Hunter Regular Admitted Transfer Students: Fall 1996-Fall 2007, Tracked through Fall 2008


Office of Student Affairs Report--Supporting Students and Their Success: 2006-2007


Report on Transfer Students: July 2007


CUNY Retention and Graduation Rates


CUNY Task Force on Retention Report—February 2006


5. Enrollment Management Strategic Plan


Materials available in Middle States Resource Room.


6. Relevant Results of Internal Surveys of Students and Alumni, and External Surveys


2008 Student Experience Survey


2006 Student Experience Survey


National Survey of Student Engagement


2004 Survey of Earned Doctorates


7. Strategic Plans


Department of Recruitment and Outreach Strategic Plan 2006-2010

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