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Standard 10

The institution's instructional, research, and service programs are devised, developed, monitored, and supported by qualified professionals.


1. List of Full Time Faculty With Credentials


List of Full Time Faculty with Credentials:  Hunter Undergraduate Bulletin (See list pp. 246ff. and Individual Departments)


2. Faculty Scholarship and Creative Work

Awards and Honors Reported to the CUNY Board of Trustees


3. Faculty Handbook


Hunter College Faculty Handbook


4. Faculty Senate and Council


Hunter College Governance Charter


Foundation of the Faculty Senate 


Senate Documents


5. Faculty Staffing Plan


Materials available in the Middle States Resource Room.


6. Documents Describing Procedures, Policies, and Criteria for Hiring and Reviewing Full and Part-Time Faculty, and for Promotion,Tenure, Grievance, Discipline, and Dismissal


Faculty Guidance Information from the Faculty Delegate Assembly (FDA)


Recruitment and Retention Guidelines for Chairs, Heads, and Deans 


Professional Staff Congress:  Contract Information


Recruitment and Search Guide


7. Policy on Academic Freedom


Basic Statement of Academic Freedom for CUNY


Message from the CUNY Chancellor on Academic Freedom


Hunter Senate Statement on Academic Freedom


Hunter Senate Standing Committee on Academic Freedom


8. Materials From New Faculty Orientation


FDA Guides and Links for New Faculty


Example of New Faculty Orientation Meeting


Office of Diversity and Compliance (Affirmative Action)


Professional Staff Congress:  Contract Information


9. Development


Chairs and Faculty Development


Tips for Teaching Effectively and Efficiently


10. Policies for Orientation, Integration, and Professional Development of Part-Time Faculty


Hunter College Adjunct Faculty Handbook 


Tips for Teaching Effectively and Efficiently    


11. Course and Teaching Surveys


Teaching Evaluation Surveys


12. Results of Faculty Surveys


UFS CUNY Faculty Experience Survey - Spring 2005


Hunter FDA Survey Result - Fall 2005


Sex Comparisons among Science Faculty at Hunter - 2007 


13. Distribution of Faculty


Race, Ethnicity, Gender for Full-time Faculty


Race, Ethnicity/Gender for Part Time Faculty 


Hunter Teaching Load Analysis


Full-time Faculty Rank and Tenure Status by Department (2000)


14. Description of Shared Governance


NY State Education Law - Article 125 section 6206:  Powers and Duties


CUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws (Article 8)


Hunter College Governance Charter

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