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Standard 6

In the conduct of its programs and activities involving the public and the constituencies it serves, the institution demonstrates adherence to ethical standards and its own stated policies, providing support for academic and intellectual freedom.


1. Descriptions in the Catalog and Other Public Documents of Student Grievance Procedures, Student disciplinary Procedures, Student Honor System, Fair Employee Hiring and Review Practices, and Other Policies and Practices


Hunter College Policies and Procedures


Recruitment and Search Guide


CUNY Policies and Procedures



2.  Policies and Guidelines Regarding Plagiarism and Use of Copyrighted Materials


Academic Honesty (p. 71)


Academic Integrity Policy: Report of Senate Select Committee


CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity


3. Conflict of Interest and Research Ethics Policies


CUNY Research Misconduct Policy


Hunter IRB Policies and Procedures


4. Policies Regarding Academic Freedom


Basic Statement of Academic Freedom for CUNY


Hunter Senate Statement on Academic Freedom


Message from the CUNY Chancellor on Academic Freedom


5. Policies Regarding Intellectual Property Rights


Intellectual Property Policy


6. Institutional Review Board Policies and Procedures


Hunter College Institutional Review Board Policies and Procedures Manual


7.  Institutional Ethics Board Policies and Procedures


CUNY Ethics Bulletin


8. Affirmative Action Policies and Handbooks


Hunter Affirmative Action Statement


Hunter Affirmative Action Policies and Procedures