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Leadership and Governance

Standard 4

The institution’s system of governance clearly defines the roles of institutional constituencies in policy development and decision-making. The governance structure includes an active governing body with sufficient autonomy to assure institutional integrity and to fulfill its responsibilities of policy and resource development, consistent with the mission of the institution.


1. Governing Documents, Including Charter and Bylaws


CUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws


Hunter College Governance Charter


Hunter College Model Departmental By-laws


2. List of Board Members, with Job Titles


CUNY Board of Trustees 


3. Conflict of Interest Policies for the Governing Board and Employees


Conflict of Interest Policies


4. Governing Board Minutes


CUNY Board of Trustees Minutes


5. Job Description and Qualifications of the President


Job Description and Qualifications of the President (CUNY Bylaws, Section 11.4)


6. Written Policies Outlining Governance Responsibilities of Administration and Faculty


NY State Education Law—Article 125 section 6206: Powers and Duties


CUNY Board of Trustees Bylaws (Article 8)


Hunter College Governance Charter 


7. Student Government Constitution and Bylaws


Undergraduate Student Government Constitution


Graduate Student Association Constitution


Student Officers Handbook


Student Organization and Media Chartering Handbook

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