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Middle States Steering Committee

The Middle States Steering Committee has 17 members appointed by the President and Provost.  Fourteen of them serve as Co-chairs for seven Workgroups, each of which will address one of the seven Middle States Standards for Accreditation. Three members of the Steering Committee serve as Co-chairs:  James Llana, Associate Provost; Shannon Salinas, Assistant Vice-President and Associate Dean for Student Affairs; and Partha Deb, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Economics Department. 

Workgroup I: Mission and Goals

Co-chair: Charles Tien, Professor, Political Science
Co-chair: Kevin Nesbitt, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Howard Singerman, Professor and Chair, Art and Art History
Jill Bargonetti, Professor, Biology
Marshall George, Olshan Professor, Curriculum and Teaching
Erica Chito-Childs, Professor and Chair, Sociology
Anita Nirenberg, Professor, Nursing
Marina Lalayants, School of Social Work
Khursheed Navder, Professor and Department Chair, Nutrition
Stephen Lassonde, Director, Prestigious Scholarships
Terri Rosen Deutsch, Director, External Affairs
Nicholas Adamo, Student
Munira Choudhury, Student

Workgroup II: Ethics and Integrity

Co-chair: Konstantino Krampis, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Co-chair: John Rose, Dean for Diversity & Compliance

Jonathan Kalb, Professor, Theatre
Regina Miranda, Professor, Psychology
Frank Flammino, Associate Dean, Nursing
Elise Jaffe, Director, Roosevelt Scholars and Pre-Law
Karlene Roberts, Project Associate, Research Administration
Joe Foelsch, Director, Public Safety and Security
Galia Galansky, Director, Human Resources
Jason Williams, Associate Director, Student Communications
Colleen Barry, Director, Office of Student Conduct
Justin Garson, Professor, Philosophy
Juliana Pepaj, Student

Workgroup III: Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience

Co-chair:  Angela Haddad, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Arts and Sciences
Co-chair: Prof. Michael Steiper, Anthropology Department

Daniel Hurewitz, Professor, History
Michael Steiper, Professor and Program Director for Human Biology, Anthropology
Eric Schweitzer, Lecturer, Computer Science
David Connor, Professor and Department Chair, Special Education
Stephanie Margolin, Asst. Professor, Library
Norma Hannigan, Clinical Professor, Nursing
Kemile Jackson, Director, Pre-Health
Mitch Ahlbaum, Director, ICIT
Lev Sviridov, Director, Macaulay Honors College
Demi Moore, Student
Muhammad Farooq, Student

Workgroup IV: Support of the Student Experience

Co-chair: Sarah Ward, Assistant Professor, Hunter College Libraries
Co-chair: Brian Maasjo, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Sissel McCarthy, Distinguished Lecturer, Film and Media Studies
Paul McPherron, Professor and ACERT Director (Teaching/Learning Center), English
Ben Ortiz, Professor, Biology
Gess LeBlanc, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Educational Foundations
Lori Janowski, Director, Admissions Office
Paula Wicklow, Internship Coordinator, Career Development
Dzelika Daniel, Director, Financial Aid
Hui Min Zhuo, Student
Elly Bergen, Student

Workgroup V: Educational Effectiveness Assessment

Co-chair: Wendy Hayden, Associate Professor of English and Director of Freshman Composition
Co-chair: James Llana, Associate Provost

Maureen Erickson, Director of Assessment
Geoffrey Burleson, Professor, Music
Paolo Fasoli, Professor and Chair, Romance Languages
Kirsten Grant, Clinical Professor, Chemistry
Jennifer Tuten, Assoc. Prof, Education
Caroline Hewitt, Nursing
Rob Cowan, Asst. Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Brian Buckwald, Director, Scholars Program
Veshno Kumar, Student
Iqraa Naeem, Student

Workgroup VI: Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

Co-chair: Randall K. Filer, Professor of Economics and Chair, Senate Finance Committee
Co-chair: Andrew Silver, School of Social Work

Kathleen Isaac, Distinguished Lecturer, Dance
Christa Acampora, Professor, Philosophy
John Chin, Professor, Urban Policy and Planning
Wayne Harding, Professor, Chemistry Dept.
Robert Buckley, Director, Research Administration
Andy Silver, Acting Assistant Dean, School of Social Work
Gilbert Giannini, Director, ICIT
Sarah Farsad, Director, Enrollment Management
Aylin Brandon, Registrar
Marquisele Mercedes, Student
Lyn McCann-Delgado, Graduate Student
Sangitaa Ragoonath, Student

Workgroup VII: Governance, Leadership, and Administration

Co-chair:  Joseph Lao, Lecturer, Psychology
Co-chairs:  Malkie Schwartz, Director of the Grove Program, Office of the President

Der-lin Chao, Professor, Classics (Chinese Studies)
Miesha Smith, Director of Student Life, Student Affairs
Steve Einheber, Associate Professor and Chair, Medical Laboratory Sciences
Devra Golbe, Professor and Chair, Economics
Gary Mallon, Professor and Associate Dean, School of Social Work
Nancy Eng, Associate Professor and Chair, Speech Language Pathology
Harold Holzer, Director, Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute
Lara Miranda, Administrative Executive Associate, Faculty Senate
Isidora Echeverria, Student

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