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Middle States Steering Committee

2017 – 2019


Committee Co-Chairs Partha Deb, Prof. of Economics
Shannon Salinas, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Jim Llana, Associate Provost
Workgroup I Co-Chairs 
Mission and Goals
Kevin Nesbitt, Asst. Dean for Student Affairs
Charles Tien, Professor, Political Science
Workgroup II Co-Chairs
Ethics and Integrity
Konstantino Krampis, Assoc. Prof of Biological Sciences
John Rose, Dean for Diversity & Compliance
Workgroup III Co-Chairs
Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience
Angela Haddad, Senior Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs
Vanya Quinones, Associate Provost for Student Engagement
Workgroup IV Co-Chairs
Support of the Student Experience
Sarah Ward, Asst. Prof., Library
Brian Maasjo, Asst. Dean for Student Affairs
Workgroup V Co-Chairs
Educational Effectiveness Assessment
Wendy Hayden, Assoc. Prof. of English
Maureen Erickson, Director of Assessment
Workgroup VI Co-Chairs
Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement
Randall K. Filer, Prof. of Economics
Patricia Ketterer, Asst. V.P. for Budget and Finance
Workgroup VII Co-Chairs
Governance, Leadership, and Administration
Joseph Lao, Lecturer, Psychology
Malkie Schwartz, President's Office


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