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Steering Committee Members

Middle States Steering Committee


Philip Alcabes, Urban Public Health

Sandra Clarkson, Mathematics and Statistics

Vita Rabinowitz, Provost


Steering Committee Members

Christa Acampora, Philosophy (on leave 2008-09)

Mosen Auryan, Office of the Provost (since September 2008)

Eija Ayravainen, Student Services

Taina Borrerro, Office of the President (until May 2008)

Linda Carlson, Office of the President (since September 2008)

Lynn Chancer, Sociology (on leave 2008-09)

Conan Freud, Finance and Administration

James Gordon, Psychology

Jill Gross, Urban Affairs and Planning

Joyce Hitchcock, Office of the Provost

Kelle Jacob, Student (until May 2008)

Alex Kohen, Student (until May 2008)

Manfred Kuechler, Sociology and Office of the Provost

Mary Lefkarites, Curriculum and Teaching

Annemarie Nicols-Grinenko, Office of the Provost

Roger Persell, Biological Sciences

Anthony Picciano, Curriculum and Teaching

David Potash, Office of the Provost (until June 2008)

John Rose, Office of the President

Helena Rosenblatt, History

William Sakas, Computer Science (since September 2008)

Andrea Savage, School of Social Work

Margarett Silva, Office of the Provost

Richard Stapleford, Art and Hunter College Senate

Franklin Steen, ICIT

Madlyn Stokley, Student Services

Peggy Tirschwell, Office of the Provost

William Williams, Mathematics and Statistics

Jason Young, Psychology and FDA

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