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Student Support Services

Standard 9

The institution provides student support services reasonably necessary to enable each student to achieve the institution’s
goals for students.


1. Student Handbooks


School of Social Work Student Handbook: 2008-2009


2. Policies and Procedures for Student Grievances, with Description of How Information is Disseminated to Students


CUNY Student Complaint Procedure


Hunter College Undergraduate Catalog: pages 264-280


Hunter College Graduate Catalog: pages 208-220


3. Reports and Plans from Student Services Offices (health, housing, dining, counseling, career services, safety and security, disabled students, social/cultural activities, campus ministries, Greek, and community service)


Task Force Report on Student Services: 2002


Report on Transfer Students: July 2007


Freshman Advising Plan: Fall 2007


Advising Network Report: Fall 2007


Public Safety and Security



Office of AccessABILITY




Food Services 


Additional Materials Available in Middle States Resource Room.


4. The Policy for Maintaining Student Records and a Published Policy on the Release of Student Information


CUNY Policy on Maintaining Student Records 


Hunter College Policy


5. Data and Reports on Athletics


Materials available in Middle States Resource Room.


6. Relevant Results of Internal Surveys or Students and Alumni, and External Surveys


Student Experience Survey 2008


Student Experience Survey 2006


NSSE07 Mean and Frequency Reports


2004 Survey of Earned Doctorates

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