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Tentative Accreditation Timeline


Oct 31-Nov. 1 Lon Kaufman, Maureen Erickson and James Llana attend Self Study Institute


Spring - President Appoints Steering Committee members and co-chairs

Spring - Steering Committee organizes Self-Study process and approves outline of Self-Study Design; determines types of Working Groups required and members; President approves Working Groups

Spring - Steering Committee drafts Self-Study Design including Working Group names, members and potential research questions (includes Documentation Roadmap)

May - Steering Committee proposes Self-Study Design to President; Approval by President of Self-Study Design and Working Groups

August - Submit draft of Self-Study Design to MSCHE liaison, Dr. Sean McKitrick

September 8 - Hunter’s MSCHE representative, Dr. Sean McKitrick, visits campus; provides feedback on Self-Study Design

October - Self-Study Design revisions complete (with approval from MSCHE)

October - Working Group co-chairs meet to identify/gather necessary documents including documentation for compliance report

October/November - Working Groups review data, conduct interviews, move forward with campus conversations, meetings with stakeholders; provide weekly reports to Steering Committee

September-November Prepare, conduct and analyze campus-wide survey

December - Progress reports due from Working Group co-chairs


January First drafts of chapters from Working Groups; Steering Committee provides feedback

January MSCHE selects the Evaluation Team Chair and Hunter reviews selection; Team Chair and Hunter select dates for team visit and for Team Chair’s preliminary visit; Hunter sends Self-Study Design to Team Chair

February – March Campus feedback on first drafts; town meeting and Senate presentation

April - Second drafts from Working Groups submitted to Self-Study co-chairs

May - June Self-Study co-chairs develop a draft of complete Self-Study Report based on drafts by Working Groups

July - Final draft Self-Study approved by President

August-September Dissemination of Self-Study to all campus constituencies; review and community-wide discussion of Self-Study; revisions made based on feedback

September - MSCHE selects the Evaluation Team members and Hunter reviews selection

September - Begin Verification of Compliance Report

October - Second draft of Self-Study generated and distributed

November - Self-Study draft sent to MSCHE Team Chair in advance of Preliminary Visit

December/January - Preliminary MSCHE Team Chair visit (4 months prior to Team visit); feedback on Self-Study draft

December - Verification of Compliance Report due; evaluated by compliance reviewer selected by MSCHE

Dec/Jan 2019 -  Edits/revisions to Self-Study based upon feedback from MSCHE Team Chair


January - Arrangements made for logistics of Team Visit

March - Final version of Self-Study goes to MSCHE Visiting Team (6 weeks prior to visit)

April 14 - 17 MSCHE Team Visit to Campus

June - Middle States Commission report sent to campus

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