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Proposed Timetable for Middle States Re-accreditation Initiative

Sept. 08 through April 09 


  • In mid October, the co-chairs will hand over a draft report on self study to the steering committee.  The committee will suggest revision
  • Also in mid October, the co-chairs will send the draft report to President Raab and to a consultant who is a former Middle States official with whom we have already contracted.  The consultant will read and make recommendations to the steering committee.  Both the President and the consultant will be asked to return recommendations for urgent changes to the steering committee by the end of October, other suggestions can arrive later.
  • At the beginning of November, the steering committee will submit a revised draft report to the college community and President Raab.
  • On November 6th, the co-chairs will send the revised draft report to the evaluation team chair, President Earl Richardson of Morgan State University.
  • Between Nov. 3rd and 19th, one or more open forums will be conducted, at which members of the college community can comment on the self-study report.  
  • On November 20th, President Richardson will spend the day at Hunter College.  The steering committee has asked President Raab to meet with him.  He will also meet with a representative of the CUNY Board of Trustees and, of course, the steering committee. 
  • From late November through mid January, the steering committee will continue to solicit comments from constituencies throughout the college, and will revise the self-study report.  
  • Through December and January, based on Pres. Richardson’s comments and the comments of constituencies around the college, the steering committee will draft a further revision to the report.
  • In late January, the committee will send the new version of the report to the consulting for editing and polishing.   
  • In late February the consultant will return an edited version of the report to the steering committee.  It will be circulated around the college community.
  • In the first week of March, a final version of the report will be submitted to MSCHE, with copies to the President and Board of Trustees.  
  • By mid April the steering committee will have prepared the Chanin Room to serve as a resource room for the evaluation team.
  • April 26-29, the evaluation team visits Hunter College. 
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