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Transferring Credit

If you are taking a course at a two year CUNY college, a Course Equivalency Guide is available to each department and on the internet. You can look up any course at any two year CUNY college and see which four year CUNY colleges will accept that course. Courses taken outside CUNY will be evaluated individually after admission when you meet with your advisor.

College courses taken elsewhere may meet entrance conditions but may not necessarily have Hunter equivalents that satisfy degree requirements. Credit values for courses taken elsewhere need not be equal to Hunter courses. Evaluation of transfer credits is done through the Office of Admissions, NOT The School of Health Sciences.

PLEASE NOTE: All transfer credit must be given Hunter equivalents by academic departments or the initial Admissions Office evaluation, except for courses used as "Open Electives". Check with Admissions or Academic Advising to determine the status of all courses taken at other colleges or universities. The student alone cannot decide the final status of his or her transfer credits or equivalents.

Proof in writing is the determining factor in all cases of appeal.

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While the deadline has passed for BLM degree students, qualified students may apply for one semester of non-matriculated status in Fall 2014. Contact Dr. Linder or Dr. Raffaniello for more information. 

For application details, please visit Hunter College's Graduate Admissions at

The next application cycle for the Advanced Certificate in Medical Technology (AC) has a deadline of March 1st, 2015.