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Principles of Design
Principles of Design Kathleen Isaac, director of the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program, and graduate student dancer Lannette Alvarez teach the Muses about the Universal Principles of Design. Isaac holds a photo of Jackson Pollock's "One: Number 31, 1950" as an example.
Common ground
Common ground The Muses use the Universal Principles of Design to interpret various works of art they viewed at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).
Compare and contrast
Compare and contrast The Muses compare and contrast photographs of dancers with a painting by Barnett Newman using the Universal Principles of Design.
Drawing dance
Drawing dance The Muses consider the visual elements of dance by interpreting a partner's movements and "drawing it" on a piece of paper.
Hand-eye coordination
Hand-eye coordination The Muses practice interpreting their partner's dance moves through drawing.
Learning new dance moves
Learning new dance moves The Muses learn choreographer Martha Graham's technique in preparation for a trip to see The Martha Graham Dance Company perform "The Rite of Spring" at New York City Center's 2013 Fall for Dance Festival.
Practicing steps
Practicing steps The Muses practice Martha Graham's dance moves to prepare for The Martha Graham Dance Company's performance of "The Rite of Spring" at New York City Center.
Mentoring the Muses
Mentoring the Muses Graduate dance student Lannette Alvarez instructs the Muses in using the techniques of choreographer Martha Graham.
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Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program


Thanks to a special partnership with  Hunter's Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program, the Muse Scholars receive personalized instruction in dance movement and criticism from faculty and graduate students enrolled in the program.

During classes led by Arnhold Dance Education Director Kathleen Isaac (photo, lower left) and/or graduate students, Muse Scholars learn how to appreciate and critique dance using professional analytical skills. Students also hit the dance floor, learning new techniques during special workshops, which have been held both on and off campus at venues including Ballet Hispanico, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Studio 353.

Elizabeth Portnoy, an Arnhold graduate student, has led ballet at Ballet Hispanico, a Manhattan organization that celebrates Latino cultures through dance; Arnhold graduate students Sharmita Saha and Prashant Sitaram instructed Muses in Bollywood Fusion Kathakl. Danielle Harris gave lessons in jazz dance, complementing a Muse outing to see Wynton Marsalis's jazz oratorio Blood on the Fields at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Lannette Alvarez instructed the students in modern dance moves at Studio 353 to prepare them for performances they attended at the 2013 Fall for Dance Festival by The Martha Graham Dance Company, Doug Elkins Choreography, Etc., and Dorrance Dance.