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Class of 2016

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 Hera Andre-Bergmann
I play guitar, mostly rock and blues. I taught myself to play by ear and by watching YouTube videos; I have never taken a guitar lesson. I performed at various shows in high school, at other talent shows/showcases, for a theatre program I was involved in and for the annual Muse Scholar Showcase. I've also played baseball for 13 years, and I was the only female player on a boy's varsity team in high school (PSAL). I am a catcher. I currently play for a men's team in Central Park, Manhattan, a women's team in New Jersey and a travel team in Brooklyn. I played for the USA Baseball 21U women's team in August 2012, and I coach. I graduated from Baruch College Campus High School.

Caleb Andriella 
I am a musician and play in a rock band called The Hand Me Downs. I graduated from Grace Christian Academy.




Victoria Baamonde
I am a Geography major and graduate of Townsend Harris High School, Queens College.


Ezra Benus
I am double majoring in Jewish Studies and Studio Art and am a member of the Thomas Hunter Honors Program. I am also a poet and visual artist; you can see some of my art works here. I graduated from SAR Academy.




Alexander Blaha
I am a graduate of Farmingdale High School.




Robert Bronchard
I am Music major and an award-winning pianist who has played at Carnegie Hall and the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York. I graduated from Manhattan Hunter Science High School.




Gaspare Caruso
I plan to major in Sociology with an Art History minor. A resilient and determined student, I plan to one day become an MSW Clinical Counselor while also being able to express my interests in the fine arts by concentrating in Art Therapy. In my spare time, I create unique and exciting events that bring the freshman student body together as the freshman senator in Hunter's Undergraduate Student Government. Overall, I am a well-rounded student, and I keep my mind open to new opportunities and networking possibilities in the professional world. I graduated from Edward R. Murrow High School.


William Chan
I am a musician and a graduate of Ward Melville High School.





Sofia Chelpon
I am a Geography major and a graduate of the Baccalaureate School for Global Education.




Marie Coneys
I am a member of the Thomas Hunter Honors Program and intend to study a combination of disciplines - Philosophy of Art, Art History, Studio Art and Chemistry - in order to pursue a career in art conservation. I currently live in Astoria, Queens, where I work as the clothing buyer at a boutique called Lockwood. In my free time I enjoy museum hopping, traveling and spending time in various outdoor spaces around New York City. I graduated from Huntington High School.


Beatrice Costi
I am a graduate of Saint Francis Preparatory School.


Thomas Dimino
I am a double major in Media Studies and Psychology. Although I possess an extended background in music, having played the trombone for nine years, my artistic interests focus primarily on digital art. I graduated from Tottenville High School.



Samuel Eng
I am a visual artist and grew up in Manhattan and Brooklyn. A member of the Thomas Hunter Honors Program, I have worked as a math tutor, fashion-pattern cutter and data-entry assistant. I currently serve as the layout designer for Hunted Hero Comics, Hunter's comics magazine. I graduated from Stuyvesant High School.



Elizabeth Garrett 
I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, in a family of six. My interests include photography, theatre and music; I play the piano and trumpet as well as sing. I have worked as a political campaign volunteer, in the retail and food industries and as a public-relations intern. At Hunter, I'm involved in WHCS Hunter Radio, the college newspaper (The Envoy) and the HipHopology dance club.


Sarah Gold
I am Special Honors major and a member of the Thomas Hunter Honors Program.




Nelly Gordpour
I am a photographer and Sociology major. Originally born in Canada, I moved to New York as a child. I currently work as a photographer, shooting everything from weddings to events at Hunter's Roosevelt House. My photograph "Supper" was chosen to be displayed in a showcase at the Heckscher Museum of Art and as a winning photograph for The Olive Tree Review, Hunter's student literary magazine. I graduated from Roslyn High School.


Jaime Jaget
I am a Special Honors major and a member of the Thomas Hunter Honors Program. I work as an Education Associate with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater in Manhattan, responsible for developing Rattlestick's education program by producing for its apprentice company, the Middle Voice Theater Company. I graduated from Locust Valley Middle High School.



Julia Jong
I am a Studio Art major and a member of the Thomas Hunter Honors Program. In the summer of 2013, I worked as a teaching assistant for the College Now Summer Art Program at York College, where I was responsible for giving demonstrations to introduce students to new art materials, documenting class activities with daily agendas and photographs and contributing constructive critique to student projects and presentations. I graduated from Townsend Harris High School, Queens College.


Dennis Lay
I grew up in Brooklyn and, at Hunter, am involved in the Asian Students in Action and Rhythm Hitters clubs. My interests include dancing and playing the guitar; I also enjoy working with children and have experience as a teacher's aide at a preschool. I intend to major in Community Health/Nutrition. I graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School.

Joy Ling
I am a Media Studies major and a graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School.




Daniel Lutsker
I was born in Ukraine and moved with my family to Brooklyn at the age of four. My writing has been published in The Daily News and Jump Magazine; I also won a Historical Fiction Award for a Holocaust remembrance piece. In addition to writing, my interests include photography, music, acting and film editing. I have worked as a summer camp counselor, a tutor in English Language Arts and SAT prep, and as a freelance photographer and photographer/write/editor for Newsletter. I am involved in the A Capella group at Hunter and enjoy cycling and rock climbing. I graduated from Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences.


Gregory Rocco
I play the tuba in Hunter's Symphony and the drums in my indie-rock band, The Hand Me Downs, with two of my fellow Muse Scholars. A member of the Thomas Hunter Honors Program, I am an English major with interests in racquetball and soccer. I have worked as a volunteer with the American Youth Soccer Organization, assisting special-needs children play the sport. I graduated from Edward R. Murrow High School.



Jonah Sander
I am a guitar player and graduate of the Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy.





Aaron Seeger




Bryan Segarra
I'm majoring in Art History with a minor in African and Puerto Rican Studies. Born in Puerto Rico, I now live in Brooklyn and work as an Aquarium Specialist. I am also a musician; I play bass in a band called The Hand Me Downs with two of my fellow Muse Scholars. I'm a graduate of the High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture.




Julie Sorokurs
I am a Special Honors major and a member of the Thomas Hunter Honors Program. I was a winner of the 2012 Random House Creative Writing Competition for New York City high school students for my short story, "Where They Drew the Line." I have written for Hunter's college newspaper, The Envoy, and worked in the Archives and Special Collections of the Hunter College Library. I graduated from Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences.


Carol Szwei
I am a Music major with a concentration in voice. By the time I entered Hunter College, I had over two hundred performances under my belt: piano-solo and concert band recitals, musical theatre productions, choir concerts, wedding ceremonies and coffeehouse performances. In addition to being a musician, I have also directed, acted and taught music to the cast of productions by the Musical Theater Performance Ensemble. At Hunter, I am president of the Opera Club and a member of Chamber Singers. I currently work as a wedding singer for church services, have volunteered with the Chelsea Opera and have interned with Jazz at Lincoln Center. I graduated from High Tech High School in New Jersey.


Sandra Talbot
I am a Biological Sciences major with a concentration in Behavioral Neurobiology. I am also a visual artist with experience painting murals, designing props and working with miniatures; I interned with architect Alice Constantini on a special miniatures project. Singing is another passion, and I am a member of Hunter's Opera Club. I have volunteered for AAM Records and Rutgers Health Sciences/UMDNJ Hospital in Newark, New Jersey.


Rachel Tiedemann
I am a Film major who has worked as a production assistant, boom operator, sound intern and festival coordinator for the film industry. My interests also include drawing, writing and music; I play the trombone and ukulele and sing. I graduated from Ward Melville High School.


Amanda Varveris
I am a Special Honors major and a member of the Thomas Hunter Honors Program. I graduated from Staten Island Technical High School.