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Class of 2017

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Rebecca Ahamad
I graduated from Townsend Harris High School, where I was a diligent student but also dabbled in theatre. I have also danced and acted at my church for a few years. However, creative writing is my artistic strength; I love to write poetry and short stories, and I may minor in Creative Writing. I plan to major in either Psychology or Education.


Amanda Rose Benjamin
I am pursuing a degree in Theatre along with a pre-med track. I am a native Staten Islander; however I am currently living in Manhattan. I am an aspiring actress with a passion for musical theatre. I love music and theatre, but I'm open to other art forms such as dance, film and visual art.  Besides theatre and performance, my other interests include running (cross country/track and field),  volunteering in my community,  reading and spending time with friends and family.  I am looking foward to spending my college experience in New York City because it is the cultural center of the world. I graduated from Saint Joseph Hill Academy. 


Nataliya Blyschak
I am interested in the play of language and vocal expression; my artistic mediums consist of acting, singing and songwriting. Artistic expression adds a provocative quality to my perception of the world - a certain je ne sais quoi - that keeps my soul sweating and yearning to articulate. I graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School.



Kiana Carrington
I'm a Brooklyn girl, born and raised, and I am interested in many different art forms. I was a dancer for seven years, but lately I've been working with museum educators through Museum Teen Summit. I am an aspiring art conservator, or food scientist or biochemist. I graduated from Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School.


Alison Ceniza-Levine
I'm a proud native New Yorker and graduate of the High School of American Studies at Lehman College. I plan to major in Psychology with a minor in Spanish and Asian American Studies. I have studied ballet and tap dance for twelve years at Third Street Music School. I also write poems and plays in my spare time. My poems have been published in high school anthologies. I was a finalist in one of Young Playwrights Inc.'s citywide competitions.


Isabella Djurovic
I am an explorer, philosopher, musician, poet, video game enthusiast and lover of most things oriental.  My major is currently Music, although I am thinking of changing to either Film or Media Studies.  In general, I would love to get involved in the video game field since the idea of creating an entire world using all of my interests seems exactly what I've been looking for. My accomplishments include singing for the Metropolitan Opera's children's chorus, becoming a published artist and writer, designing an entire magazine for my school, being closely involved in set construction and lighting design at my high school's theatre and last, but not least, being accepted into the Muse program! I graduated from Westlake High School.


Samantha Dubin
I am majoring in History and Theatre and hope to become a professor and teach history of the performing arts. I have always loved musicals and grew up performing. What started out with just dance class led me to singing in and choreographing some of my high school choir's shows. That's how I fell in love with directing and it is now something that I am trying to pursue. History was always my favorite subject, and I have always wanted to be an educator. I hope to one day combine my two passions and make a career for myself involving all that I love.


Marielle Frederick
I grew up in a small town called Goshen, which is an hour and a half north of the city. My plan is to major in Art History and become a curator, which is why I chose to go to school in the city, where every museum is only a subway ride away. I am an artist of various mediums, including oil paints, pastels, water colors, wood cutting and printing, pencil sketches and beyond. I also play violin and the trombone, and throughout my school years I was involved in NYSSMA and All County and performed in recitals  for my private teachers. Something else I enjoy a lot is singing and dancing, specifically in musical theatre. I was involved in musicals and dramas throughout my high school career and performed in six different shows. I performed in both All County and Area All State for my singing and performed in many dance recitals doing jazz, lyrical and tap. Getting back to the subject of visual arts, I am very interested in studying abroad to see all the famous Renaissance paintings. I have actually never been to Europe so I hope to use college as the perfect opportunity to do so. I graduated from Goshen Central High School.


Kim Hamadani
Although I am a dancer, I have such a passion for all art forms. I graduated from Yeshivah of Flatbush.




Ilana Krugolets
Born and raised in Brooklyn, I am an aspiring singer, songwriter and movie maker. I studied classical music for eight years at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and at LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts as a vocal major. I have a passion for comedy and improvisation and perform at the Magnet Theater. Another one of my passions is marine biology and environmental conservation; I am a team leader and volunteer at the New York Aquarium. Currently, I am studying Film & Media, and I hope to combine my interests in music and film by developing music and soundtracks for movies.



Emily Levkovich
I come from Staten Island and a small Russian-Jewish immigrant family consisting of my father, my mother and my older sister. I have a wide range of interests, including but not limited to: writing fantasy stories, dancing, doing jigsaw puzzles, collecting pencils of random size and shape, reading and learning about various monarchical histories, knitting and crocheting, listening to any and all genres of music, watching historical dramas and supernatural and fantastical TV shows and reading an unending amount of books. I graduated from Susan E. Wagner High School.


Paul Ma
I graduated from Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan and have dabbled in the fields of dance, drama, photography, writing, drafting, computer programming and digital art.



Nate McCarthy
I am the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in an all-original indie rock band. Playing, writing, recording and listening to music takes up most of my time. Since forming in high school, my band has released two EPs, one full-length album, performed at NYC venues - including the Mercury Lounge, Bowery Electric, Pianos and The Gramercy Theatre - and shared the stage with acts including the Chapin Sisters, Les Racquet and rock n' roll hall of famer Dave Mason. In addition to music, I am also interested in poetry, journalism and human rights. I graduated from Nyack High School.


Krisha Mehta
I was born in Baroda, India, and lived in Mumbia, India until the age of five. I then moved to New York City, where I was raised and graduated from Bronx High School of Science. At Hunter, I am planning to double major in Biology and Studio Art. I have researched visual perception at a New York University laboratory, interned at the New York Hall of Science, and studied biology textbooks late into the night. The other side of me speaks art, which began as a hobby and slowly evolved into a passion, particularly for acrylic painting on canvas. Other mediums I have used include glass, sand, wheat sticks and oil paint. The time I spent learning the techniques used in these mediums allowed me to open my mind and explore my creativity. I see college as an opportunity to further pursue and gain experience in both art and science.


Kayla Miller
I enjoy making and experiencing art in all forms, but my main mediums right now are video, graphic design and photography. I graduated from Ward Melville High School.



Maureen Murray
I'm from the small town of Highland Mills in Orange County, New York. I come from a musical family and was taught to sing and dance at about the same time I learned to walk and talk. I began playing the cello when I was nine years old and have since spent years in private lessons and performing in school, church and All County and Area All State orchestras. I am also a singer, and I've participated in school choruses, my church choir, and All County and All State choruses throughout all of my elementary, middle and high school school years. Musical theatre is another passion, and I love both performing on stage and working behind the scenes. I am a Music major at Hunter College, where I play with the Hunter Symphony, sing with the college choir and take private cello lessons. My other loves are dance and photography. I hope to one day work in the arts, possibly in some aspect of theatre, arts administration or music merchandising. I graduated from Monroe Woodbury Senior High School.


Dana Nassau
I'm from Dix Hills, Long Island, and am currently studying to be an elementary school teacher, preferably kindergarten. For the past few years, my interests in photography and art history have grown significantly. I also love to paint and to listen to music. I feel that art and music act as an escape from reality and can offer artists something that they should be proud of. For me, photography offers a way to document what is actually going on, as well as to mix reality with surreal elements. For example, I am able to stand behind the viewfinder and just watch what is going on. I can think about anything I want without interacting, just watching. My camera pauses the real world in my head and on film. I graduated from Half Hollow Hills High School East.


Allison Ng
I'm from Brooklyn, New York, and am a major food enthusiast. I plan on double majoring in Nutrition & Food Science and Psychology. I am working to become a registered dietician (RDN) with a focus on pediatric nutrition to put a stop to the epidemic known as obesity. As for the arts, I am a photographer at heart. I go everywhere with my Nikon D3200 camera and two zoom lenses. I would like to travel and document the world, one picture at a time. I hope to accomplish this by studying abroad in Europe or Australia during my stay at Hunter College. I graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School.


Sophia Ortiz
I graduated from John Jay High School (Cross River, New York). Throughout my high school career, I was very dedicated to pursuing my passion for music. I played bass in many ensembles, became fluent in a variety of genres and performed all over New York City in venues such as The Bitter End. Last year, I was lucky enough to earn a merit scholarship to continue my music studies with a focus on advanced  music theory as well as composition techniques. Music has been and continues to be a huge part of my life. Like most Muse scholars, I am passionate about the arts and humanities and am eager to explore mediums that I have not yet had the chance to delve into. In my time at Hunter, I am hoping to major in Film and minor in French. I am looking forward to this being a new journey into the arts for me, and am hoping it will allow me to explore my passion for film and help me pursue my dream of becoming a cinematographer. 


Kayla Sackler
I am undecided about my major, but my interests range from math and science to music and theatre. I am presently dorming in New York City but am from Merrick, NY. I try to stay active with various sports, such as tennis, trapeizing and yoga. I graduated from Sanford H. Calhoun High School.


Jessie Sander
I am a poet and creative writer from the Hudson Valley in Orange County, New York. I have published poetry at, where two of my poems received the Editor's Choice Award ("Most Exotic Fruit" and "I Won't Be a Target, Mom"). Though I have only recently published my works, I have been writing my whole life and participated in writing contests throughout my academic career. At Hunter College, I hope to expand my creative horizons and, as a part of the Muse Program, I plan on sharpening my creative skills to become a great writer. I graduated from Warwick Valley High School.


Pavel Shalumov
I am a very gregarious character who has a bit of an eccentric side. My creative mediums consist of theatre, film and some writing. But I am always looking to expand my horizons. I am a very outgoing person who is extremely affable and great with people. I have the ability to be very persuasive and to uphold the skills of a leader. I am a strong believer in persistence, and I hope to find my true calling and passion while in college. I hope to participate in acting in college in both theatre and film. Also I would like to expand my artistic abilities and knowledge. I graduated from Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences.


Elizabeth Shamailov
Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I've been singing and performing for many years and plan on continuing to do so throughout my college career. I love theatre and singing, but all forms of art bring me happiness. Throughout my high school career at Brooklyn Technical High School, I performed in numerous musicals, such as Sweeney Todd and Into the Woods. One of my proudest moments as an artist was performing "Carmina Burana" in a sold-out Carnegie Hall. I can't wait to stand on that stage once more, this time with a solo.


Sarah Stofko
I am from Newtown, Connecticut. My interests are fiction writing and poetry.




Serafina Tiranno-Cimisi
I grew up in Rocky Point, a town on the Eastern part of Long Island. I am a Music major with a concentration in voice, and I play flute and piano as well. My favorite types of music are classical and show tunes. I am interested in pursuing a career in music performance or the music/theatre business. I graduated from Rocky Point High School.


Oscar Vargas
I am hoping to major in Creative Writing. I'm a jack-of-all-genres writer; I write essays, poetry, prose and drama. Some of my other passions include electronic music, video games and soccer. I graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School.