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Muses get ePortfolios, thanks to FITT grant


The Muse Scholar Program has launched an ePortfolio initiative, which provides all Muse Scholars with a digital platform to present their creative, academic and professional work within an online community that provides engagement with fellow scholars. Eventually, the ePortfolios will be made available to the public.

The initiative is supported by a Faculty Innovations in Teaching with Technology (FITT) grant awarded to Muse Scholar Director Dara Meyers-Kingsley during Summer 2013. "All Muse Scholars should have the capability of creating and maintaining an ePortfolio for the four years they are at Hunter," Meyers-Kingsley proposed in her grant application. "The creation of the ePortfolio would begin for the incoming class of 2017 during their yearlong freshman course of study in HUM 201 and the Muse Freshman Seminar, which explore the arts of NYC.  Since the Muse Scholars are artistic and creative individuals, the ePortfolio would provide a creative platform for the presentation of artistic work, where students can upload and present photographs, video and audio files and written reflection."  

For the freshman Muses, the ePortfolio is proving to be an excellent curricular tool. Scholars submit their assignments and receive feedback from Meyers-Kingsley through their ePortfolios; the webpages are also used for personal reflection and in-class presentations.

Meyers-Kingsley created a second template for the sophomore and junior Muse Scholars. Rather than being used for academic work, the sophomore and junior ePortfolio will be used as a website to showcase scholars' creative and professional accomplishments. The Muse Cohort ePortfolio has been envisioned as a tool to help upper-classmen who are applying for jobs in the arts or graduate school placement.

Meyers-Kingsley welcomed the opportunity to meet with fellow FITT grant recipients over the summer to explore strategies for integrating technology into the teaching and learning process. The grant has allowed Meyers-Kingsley to work closely alongside Hunter's Instructional Computing & Information Technology (ICIT) staff, Gina Cherry and David Dos Santos, and with faculty colleagues to develop these specialized templates for the Muses. 

Sandra Talbot (Muse Class of '16) was invited to create the banner image for the ePortfolio template, pictured above.