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Vocal Performance



Hunter College Opera Theatre

The Hunter College Opera Theatre provides students the opportunity to prepare and perform a fully staged opera. The OPERA PERFORMANCE class will focus on creating a full character profile through staging and scene work designed to get to the core of the character. Exploration of relationship between self and character as well as character to character will help the students integrate the operatic role organically and bring human experience to life through self expression. They will learn acting, style and period movement as well as ensemble coordination with other singers and the orchestra. The intended results will be growth as acting singers and increased depth as interpretive artists.

The class will require additional rehearsal hours for acting and staging. The average class will need 10 to 15 hours a week to complete a project of this magnitude. Skills in stagecraft such as costuming, set, props, wigs, and make-up will require some of these hours. Rehearsals with orchestra with movement also require extra time.

Course Codes for Registration
Undergraduate Students: MUSPF 370 Opera Performance
Preparation and performance of a fully staged opera. May be taken four times for credit.
Prereq: audition and perm. dept; Coreq: MUSPF 401 or 431 in voice; 3 hrs, 3 cr.

Graduate Students: MUS 720 Opera Performance
Preparation and performance of a fully staged opera. May be taken two times for credit.
Prerequisite: Audition and Graduate Adviser's permission; 3 hrs, 3 cr.

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Topics in Vocal Performance

Topics in Vocal Performance offers a large range of literature and performance opportunities in a different format each semester. Projects of this performance class have included opera scenes, oratorio, art song, and musical theater, all with performances on stage at the end of each semester.

Course Codes for Registration
Fall 2014: Art Song
Undergraduate Students: MUSPF 369.04-Section 001 - 1cr 2hrs
Prereq or coreq: MUSPF 401, 402 or MUSPF 431 in voice.

Graduate Students: MUS 718.04-Section 001 - 1cr 2hrs
Graduate Adviser's permission required.

Wednesdays, 3:10 - 5:00 pm in room HN 635, Prof. Susan Gonzalez

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