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L. Poundie Burstein

Office: Room 400d Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5152

Professor Burstein's primary areas of interest include Schenkerian analysis and form studies. He has published essays and reviews in Music Analysis, Theory and Practice, Journal of New Music Research, Journal of Music Theory, Schenker Studies 2, Woman and Music, and elsewhere. (A listing of his articles may be found at In addition to his scholarly work, he has performed extensively as a pianist for comedy improvisation groups in the NYC area. He has also taught at Mannes College and Columbia University. In 1995 he received the Distinguished Teaching Award from the New School University, and in 2008 he received the Outstanding Publication Award of the Society of Music Theory. Prof. Burstein was President of the Music Theory Society of New York State (MTSNYS) from 2003-7, was a member of the Executive Board of the Society for Music Theory (SMT) from 2006-9, and is the webmaster for the website of Music Program of the CUNY Graduate Center.

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