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Directory of Music Department Faculty

The Music Department has a distinguished faculty whose members are active in the musical life of New York City and in professional circles in the United States and abroad. Current members of the faculty include:


Full-Time Faculty

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Reuben Blundell (DMA, Eastman School of Music) - symphony, violin, music literature
Office: Room 400i Hunter North
Phone: 212-396-6254

Victor V. Bobetsky (DMA, University of Miami School of Music) - music education
Office: Room 400c Hunter North
Phone: 212-650-3574

Geoffrey Burleson (DMA, Stony Brook University) piano, chamber music, music literature
Office: Room 400h Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-4023

L. Poundie Burstein (Ph.D., City University of New York) - music theory
Office: Room 400d Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5152

Michele Cabrini (Ph.D., Princeton University) - music history and literature
Office: Room 400i
Phone: 212-772-5531

Catherine Coppola (Ph.D., City University of New York) - music history and literature
Office: Room 400g Hunter North
Phone: 212-650-3784

Philip Ewell (Ph.D., Yale University) - music theory
Office: Room 527 Hunter North
Phone: 212-396-6253

Suzanne Farrin (DMA, Yale University) - composition
Office: Room 417 Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5026

Susan Gonzalez (DMA, Eastman School of Music) - voice, music theater/opera, music literature
Office: Room 415 Hunter North
Phone: 212-650-3566

Barbara L. Hampton (Ph.D., Columbia University) - ethnomusicology
Office: Room 400f Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5153

Ryan Keberle (Artist Diploma, Juilliard) - jazz studies
Office: Room 635e Hunter North
Phone: 212-396-6256

Shafer Mahoney (Ph.D., Eastman School of Music) - composition and music theory
Office: Room 401a Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5150

Paul F. Mueller (DMA, Indiana University) - college choir, chambers singers, music literature
Office: Room 400a Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5537

Mark Spicer (Ph.D., Yale University) - music theory, popular music studies
Office: Room 400b Hunter North
Phone: 212-772-5024

Jewel Thompson (Ph.D., Eastman School of Music) - music theory, musicianship
Office: Room 400e Hunter North
Phone: 212-650-3608

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Part-Time Faculty

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Ozan Aksoy - ethnomusicolgy, Middle Eastern Ensemble
Vicente Alexim Nunes Da Silva - music history
Jorge Arevalo Mateus - ethnomusicology
Maria Argyros - vocal performance
Julia Biber - music history
Christopher Buchenholz - music theory
Daniel Burwasser - music education
Stanley Dorn - music theory
Benjamin Dumbauld - music literature
Daniel Ferguson - world music
Kari Francis - The Art of A Cappella
Kae Fujisawa - music history
Steven Graff - music literature, music theory, piano performance
Jacob Greenberg - piano, chamber music
Gary Hammond - music literature, piano performance
Aya Esther Hayashi - music literature
Tod Hedrick - music history
Noby Ishida - coach/accompanist
D.D. Jackson - jazz performance
David Johnson - music history and literature
Judith Katz - woodwind methods
Patti Kilroy - string methods, music history
Claudia Knafo - piano, class piano, chamber music
Christina Lee - music theory
Ji Yeon Lee - music theory
Levy Lorenzo - music technology
João Luiz - guitar class
Quynh Nguyen - music literature, piano performance
Sara Overholt - guitar performance
Priscilla Owens - jazz vocal performance
David Pearson - music history
Matthew Rupcich - choral conducting
Elise Steenburgh - music history
Jordan Stokes - music history
Sayaka Tanikawa - piano, class piano, chamber music
David Wolfson - piano class, music theory
Xieyi (Abby) Zhang - music theory

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Performance Instructors

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Bassoon: Stephanie Corwin
Cello: Benjamin Capps
Clarinet: Pascal Archer
Double Bass (classical): Marji Danilow, Rion Wentworth
Double Bass & Electric Bass (jazz): Matt Pavolka
Flute: Mary Barto, Diane Taublieb
French Horn:  Aaron Korn, Alexander Gusev
Guitar (Classical): Sara Overholt, Joäo Luiz
Guitar (Jazz): Nate Radley
Harp: Alyssa Reit
Harpsichord: Paul F. Mueller, Geoffrey Burleson
Oboe: Catherine Gerardi
Organ: Paul F. Mueller
Percussion: Eric Doob, Thomas Mattioli, Brad Wentworth
Piano: Geoffrey Burleson (Director of Piano Studies), Steven Graff, Jacob Greenberg, Gary Hammond, Claudia Knafo, Quynh Nguyen, Jerome Rose, Sayaka Tanikawa
Saxophone: Alejandro Avilés
Trombone: Ryan Keberle, Jonathan Greenberg
Trumpet: Matt Holman, Andrew Kemp, David Krauss
Viola: Reuben Blundell, Danielle Farina, Stephanie Griffin
Violin: Reuben Blundell, Patti Kilroy
Voice (Classical): Susan Gonzalez (Director of Vocal Studies), Maria Argyros, Priscilla Owens
Voice (Jazz): Priscilla Owens

Piano Class:  Claudia Knafo, Quynh Nguyen, Sayaka Tanikawa
String Methods: Patti Kilroy
Woodwind Methods: Judith Katz
Brass Methods: Ryan Keberle
Percussion Methods: Daniel Burwasser

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Ensemble Directors

Chamber Music Workshop: Reuben Blundell
Chamber Singers: Paul F. Mueller
Choir: Paul F. Mueller, Matthew Rupcich
Jazz Ensembles (Instrumental): Ryan Keberle, D.D. Jackson
Jazz Ensembles (Vocal): Priscilla Owens
Opera: Susan Gonzalez
Piano Performance Class: Geoffrey Burleson
Symphony: Reuben Blundell
Vocal Performance Class: Susan Gonzalez
Chief Staff Accompanist: Noby Ishida

For more information, contact Geoffrey Burleson, Director of Performance Studies.

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