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Audition Dates-M.A. Programs

Note: Students must schedule an audition at least one month in advance of the semester in which they plan to enroll. For example, August 18 or January 18 are too late for Fall or Spring matriculation, respectively.

Auditions are scheduled for the following dates:

Thursday, August 18, Noon-5 PM (for Spring 2017)
Saturday, October 22, Noon-5 PM (for Spring 2017)
Wednesday, November 16, Noon-5 PM (for Spring 2017)

Wednesday, January 18, Noon-5 PM (for Fall 2017)
Wednesday, March 1, Noon-5 PM (for Fall 2017)
Wednesday, March 29, Noon-5 PM (for Fall 2017)
Saturday, April 22, Noon-5 PM (for Fall 2017)

To register for an audition, please go to the M.A. Audition Registration Form.

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