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M.A. Graduation Recitals

General Description

Graduate students concentrating in music performance are required by the Department of Music to present a full-length recital as the culminating requirement for the M.A. degree. The recital, often termed the "M.A. recital" or "graduation recital," is normally given during the last semester of the student's stay at Hunter. The student must be enrolled in MUS 783 or 784 during the semester of the graduation recital and the recital substitutes for the jury exam in that semester. The recital should demonstrate the diverse interpretative and technical abilities of the student. A variety of styles is required. Singers should exhibit competence in different languages.

(Note: All the information on this page, as well as a summary of Procedures for Graduation Recitals, a Solo Recital Permission Form, Event Cancellation or Postponement Form, a summary of Recital Recording Procedures and a Recording Request Form may be downloaded by clicking here.)

Scheduling the Hall

M.A. recitals are normally given in the Lang Recital Hall. The booking of the hall is normally carried out a full semester in advance of the recital, to insure that an appropriate date is secured and that the event is listed on the department's Calendar of Events. The latest date that the hall may be booked and the recital scheduled is the week prior to the start of the semester during which the recital will take place.

A specific date for the recital is chosen by the recitalist in consultation with the applied teacher and the Graduate Adviser and reserved in person with the Performing Arts Coordinator. If the desired date is available, it will be booked by the Performing Arts Coordinator who will also place the recital on the department's calendar. After the recital date has been secured, the recital Permission Form must be returned to the Director of Performance Studies.

Poster and Program

A poster for the recital is produced in consultation with the Department Concert Coordinator. It is the responsibility of the recitalist to see that the poster is produced, posted, and distributed to fellow students, friends, and family. The program is also produced in conjunction with the Concert Coordinator.

The program should include, in the inside text, as an independent paragraph, the statement: "This recital is given in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the M.A. degree, Hunter College Department of Music." Biographies and/or pictures of the performers are not permitted on the poster, program or as part of the program notes. Program notes and translations are the responsibility of the recitalist, but must be approved by the Director of Performance Studies following the deadlines established by the Concert Coordinator.

Choosing of Program Selections

The entire recital should last no longer than 75 minutes, including a brief intermission. The total timing of the recital selections should be 55 minutes (minimum) to 65 minutes (maximum). It should include pieces in various styles, from a number of historical eras. Vocal programs should include selections in a number of languages, including English, but should avoid musical theatre and operetta selections. For pianists, at least three style periods or eras must be represented on the program (e.g., Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionist, 20th-21st Century).

Specific works for the program are chosen in consultation with the recitalist's teacher. The tentative program, including timings of all selections, must be submitted to the Director of Performance Studies for approval when the recital date is reserved.


The department has been providing accompanists for individual lessons. However, the cost of any additional rehearsals beyond that which the department provides, as well as graduation recital accompanist fees, is the responsibility of the student. The Director of Performance Studies can provide a list of capable accompanists upon request.

Jury Panel

The jury panel is arranged by the Director of Performance Studies. It consists of two or three jurors from the faculty of the Music Department. The recital will be given a grade of "pass" or "fail," and each juror will submit a written report that becomes part of the recitalist's official Department file. The jurors will also submit a recommended letter grade that will be used in lieu of a jury grade for the semester.

The recitalist is urged to meet with the Director of Performance Studies after the recital to discuss the written comments of the jurors.

It is assumed that the student's teacher will attend the recital.


Arrangements may be made to have the recital recorded by the Department's Technician. Request forms and procedures are attached. Requests made less than two weeks before the date of the recital will not be accepted.

Piano Tuning and Rehearsals

Arrangements for piano tuning and rehearsals should be made directly with the Performing Arts Coordinator by the recitalist.


Post-recital receptions may be scheduled, subject to space availability. Arrangements should be made with the Performing Arts Coordinator. The recitalist is responsible for setup and cleanup of the reception area.



Further Information

Any questions about the M.A. recital should be directed to the Director of Performance Studies, Geoffrey Burleson.

(Note: All the information on this page, as well as a summary of Procedures for Graduation Recitals, a Solo Recital Permission Form, Event Cancellation or Postponement Form, a summary of Recital Recording Procedures and a Recording Request Form may be downloaded by clicking here.)

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