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M.A. Teacher Assignment Form

Fall 2017:  The deadline to submit this form AND to register for lessons is TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 2017  (Please note that submission of this form does NOT mean you are automatically registered for MUS 781, 782, 783 or 784. You must do this yourself via CUNYFirst, just as with any other course.)

MUS 681-684: Graduate Students registering for MUS 681-684 (1 cr) should proceed to the following Teacher Assignment Form.

MUS 781-784: Graduate Students registering for MUS 781-784 (3 cr) should proceed with the information below and submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Teacher Assignment forms must be completed each and every semester (fall and spring) that a student plans to take private lessons for credit, and must be submitted according to posted deadlines (see above). Late applications will be rejected. No exceptions! (You may submit a Teacher Assignment Form for study on a second instrument, but it is unlikely that we will be able to support such requests.)

In addition, all students enrolled in private instruction must participate in a Hunter ensemble, in each and every semester you are registered for private lessons.  In instances where there is a large ensemble that is clearly appropriate for the lessons a student is receiving, the student is required to participate in that ensemble (e.g., a voice student in choir or chamber singers, a jazz saxophonist in jazz ensemble, a violinist in the orchestra), unless by prior arrangement with that ensemble’s director.  This is by no means meant to discourage students from gaining additional musical exposure from other ensembles: the department encourages this.  Requests to be exempt from these requirements must be stated in the comment box on the Teacher Assignment Form. Please consult the Music Department policies regarding private instruction.


Please note that only M.A. or BA/MA students who have been accepted as Performance students may register for MUS 781-784. Submission of the Teacher Assignment Form does NOT mean that you will automatically be registered for private lessons. You must register for private lessons (MUS 781-784) yourself, just as you would with any other course. If enrolled for private lessons, you must begin private instruction no later than the end of the second full week of classes.

NOTE: 1. (a.) Students who are assigned by the Music Department to study with a member of the Hunter College faculty do not pay the teacher directly and do not get a tuition waiver. (b.) If not assigned by the Music Department to study with a member of the Hunter College faculty, a student may nonetheless study with that teacher. In such a case, the student must pay the teacher directly and will get a tuition waiver for the lessons. (c.) In either case, such students should not pay the Bursar for MUS 781-784 until after it is determined whether or not they will need a tuition waiver.

2. M.A. Performance students who wish to study with a teacher who is not a Hunter College faculty member must pay the teacher directly. Such students are given a tuition waiver for the credits.

Click here to complete and submit the M.A. Teacher Assignment Form (for MUS 781-784 only).

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