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The Graduate Program of the Hunter College Music Department

For Current and Prospective Graduate Students

At Hunter College, we offer a flexible music program - allowing us to meet the diverse needs of our students - at surprisingly affordable prices. Students may study full-time or part-time, which makes our program ideal for the busy NYC professional; indeed, a number of our students are professional musicians and music teachers who are able to complete their M.A. studies at night: all required courses in our department are offered at night.

We offer an M.A. in Music with concentrations in Composition, Ethnomusicology, Music History, Music Theory, and Performance; students with specific needs might also be able to get an M.A. in Music with a "mixed concentration." We also offer a master's degree in Music Education. This program is sometimes referred to as the TEP (Teacher Education Program in Music) and is jointly administered by the Music Department and by the Hunter College School of Education. Upon graduation from the program, students receive an MA in Music Education and are recommended for New York State Certification as a music teacher (Pre-K-12). Since one of the primary purposes of the TEP program is to earn teacher certification, individuals who are already certified music teachers are not eligible for admission to the program.

For more information about admissions, auditions (M.A. in Performance), submissions of work samples (M.A. in Composition, Music History, Music Theory or Ethnomusicology), and the M.A. Teacher Education Program in Music, please see the Prospective Students section of this site.

Prospective students are also encouraged to contact the Music Department Graduate Adviser, Prof. Philip Ewell, if you have any specific questions about our programs.

Philip Ewell, Adviser
Director of Graduate Studies in Music
Room 527 Hunter North; 212-396-6253

SPRING 2017: Advising Hours

Mondays, 9:00- 11:00AM
Thursdays, 4:00- 6:00PM
or by appointment

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