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Undergraduate Students

The Undergraduate Program of the Hunter College Music Department

All undergraduate music majors include training in performance, aural skills, music theory, and music history, in the context of a strong liberal-arts degree program. Many other subjects, including composition, arranging, computer music, and ethnomusicology are available as electives. The undergraduate programs provide both the foundation for further study of any area of music and a liberal-arts background that can serve as a basis for careers in other fields.

For more information about admissions, Music Department entrance exams, and auditions, please see the Prospective Students section of this site.

Prospective students are also encouraged to contact the Music Department Undergraduate Adviser, Professor Catherine Coppola, if you have specific questions about our program.

Prof. Catherine Coppola
Director of Undergraduate Studies in Music
Room 400G Hunter North, 212-650-3784


SPRING 2017: Advising Hours - HUNTER NORTH, ROOM 400G

Tuesdays, 2:00-4:00PM

Fridays, 1:00- 2:00PM

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