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Internships and Law Fellowships

The National Center offers students unpaid and work/study educational and research internship opportunities to assist us in fulfilling our mission. We also have a Law Fellowship program that provides recent law school graduates interested in collective bargaining issues and a career in labor and employment law with an opportunity to research contemporary issues for up to a year on a volunteer basis, without a longer-term commitment.

If you are interested in an internship or our Law Fellowship Program, please submit a cover letter and resume to:· All other inquiries regarding internship opportunities at the National Center should be directed to our Administrator Michelle Savarese (212) 481-7550.

Research Interns

The National Center welcomes our latest Hunter College interns: Allison Stillerman and Aidana Razhap.

Allison Stillerman is a sophomore at Hunter College studying history, political science, and public policy. She is the head delegate of Hunter's Model United Nations team and the treasurer of the Pre-Law Society. After completing internships at the New York State Criminal Supreme Court and the law firm Seeger Weiss, she is looking forward to a legal career.
Aidana Razhap is a junior at Hunter College where she is pursuing a BA/MA degree in Economics and a minor in Chemistry. Aidana aspires to pursue a PhD in environmental economics, studying issues including economic implications of climate change.  Aidana is a teacher's assistant in the Hunter Economics Department where she also tutors other students. As a native of Kyrgyzstan Aidana is fluent in Kyrgyz, Russian, Kazakh and Turkish.