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STANYS (Science teacher association of new york state)

Science Teacher Association of New York State

STANYS is New York's oldest and most respected professional organization of science educators. The membership of Pre-K to University and Informal science educators creates a collaborative association that is invaluable for the organization and for science education in New York State.

About Science Congress

The STANYS New York State Science Congress was established in 1950 as a means to stimulate interest and proficiency in the sciences. Regional science fairs were encouraged in STANYS Sections across the State, and a number of Sections have continued this tradition to today. Students with outstanding projects are selected to participate in the state level event held at a host institution in late May or early June. The event is organized by a Section for two or more years and is then passed on to volunteers from another Section.

The students present their research orally to judges, community observers, and other students, in a lecture format. They are judged on the quality of their work, as revealed by their written and oral presentations. Recognition is earned as Highest Honors, High Honors, Honors, and Honorable Mention.

Although once restricted to high school students, starting in 2005, the state competition is open to 7th and 8th graders. The competition is conducted in a friendly atmosphere and is part of a congenial weekend in which the participants have an opportunity to meet and socialize with other teenagers of similar interests.