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Learning Science In The 21st Century: A Hands-On Workshop

A common complaint about American science education is that in spite dramatic changes in technology and human knowledge over the last 150 years the learning experience is fundamentally no different from that of the 1800s. The field of science teaching has not kept up with the growth of scientific methods and processes.  Modern fields of science developed around experimentation and model-building by using technology to collect, display and analyze data. This workshop was a hands-on experience on learning scientific reasoning using 21st Century tools.  It highlighted two forms of modern science learning.  First, using real-time data collection sensors known as “probeware” participants will experience authentic scientific processes through guided discovery.  Second, participants engaged in problem-solving activities by engineering and programming robot vehicles to accomplish various challenges. The above provided examples of the nature of learning science in the 21st Century.

Hunter Noyce Science Scholars selected to participate in the workshop engaged in hands-on science activities. Students participated from Monday, June 20th to Thursday, June 23rd from 1:00 to 4:00.

For more information on the day-to-day activities in this workshop, click Here

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