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Robotics Institute

Hunter College Robotics Institute
June 19 - June 22 2017

Noyce scholars and associates experienced a weeklong hands-on workshop (see dates and activities below) on using educational robotics, namely NXT LEGO Mindstorms, facilitated by the project co-principal investigator (Robbins).  Through a series of challenges that progresses in terms learning the in-depth nature of computer programming and engineering robotic vehicles (Braitenberg machines) attendees learn by solve open-ended problems.  These problems have multiple solutions and mirror authentic real-world issues.  The workshop emphasizes the value of exploration, discover and collaboration in an interactive technological environment using 21st Century tools found in modern science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Attendees assemble a curriculum based on their weeklong experiences for the purpose of teaching summer STEM camps for children.  Overall, the curriculum has the explicit goal of exciting and engaging students in STEM related fields via interactive robotics.  

For more information on the day-to-day activities in this workshop, click Here

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