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The Hunter College Noyce Science Scholars Program

The Hunter College Noyce Science Scholars Program, funded by the National Science Foundation, provides tuition scholarship for up to three years to support talented Hunter College and Bronx Community College students majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Geology/Environmental Studies or Physics who would like to become middle or high school science teachers. Noyce Science Scholars enter Hunter's Adolecent Education BA/MA program in their science major, complete their major course requirements, and follow the 26 credit Hunter School of Education coursework that includes fieldwork and student teaching in New York City middle and high schools. Upon graduation, Noyce Science Scholars will have completed their bachelor's degree in their science major and earned an education master's degree that leads to professional certification in teaching science in grades 7-12th. As a requirement to receive the scholarship, Noyce Science Scholars must agree to teach a minimum of two years in a high needs school district in the United States depending on the amount of the scholarship received.

Benefits of Being a Hunter Noyce Science Scholar

  • Up to three years of full tuition scholarship support at Hunter College
  • A paid summer internship working with children and science related activities
  • Opportunity to learn educational robotics and lead programs for middle and high school students
  • Academic tutoring
  • Individual advisement
  • Overnight trips to Black Rock Forest
  • Career counseling/placement
  • Ongoing professional developement wortkshops on incorporating technology into the science classroom
  • Mentoring support in students' first year of teaching


For further questions, please contact

The Hunter Noyce Scholars program is funded through a grant (award no. 1540780) from the National Science Foundation to support talented science majors who wish to pursue teacher certification in teaching high school science in high needs schools. The grant also provides support to science majors who previously may not have considered becoming a teacher.

Science Inquiry Workshop


June 20th - 23rd


Hunter College

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July 20-22, 2016


Washington, DC