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Being Excellent Scholars in Transition to Nursing (BEST)

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BEST 4.0 is a program for nursing students who are committed to academic excellence as a scholar. The program is designed to enhance academic achievement and graduate individuals from underrepresented groups in nursing. The program targets Hunter College students taking nursing pre-requisite courses and Hunter Bellevue School of Nursing students. The BEST model allows students to channel their professional experience, educational training, and academic ability to complete scholarly endeavors and assume leadership positions in the nursing workforce.


BEST will work closely with students to help them succeed as scholars. To fulfill the role of a scholar, we will assist students with activities such as Writing, Research, and Service. Students will identity their interest in one of the following three areas:

1. Writing – students will co-author articles with faculty, some may want to write a poem, or learn how to conduct a review of the literature

2. Research – students serve as research assistants or apply to summer research programs

3. Service – students serve on boards or committees, support charity events, serve as peer mentors or tutors


BEST 4.0 Offers:

  • Support for Scholarly Activities (Research, Service, Publication)
  • Workshops and Seminars to facilitate academic excellence
  • Review Courses for the Nursing Entrance Exam (NLN Exam) & NCLEX RN
  • Summer Immersion Program for Pre-Nursing Students
  • Academic Training/Tutoring
  • Academic& Career Advisement
  • Academic Stipends and Scholarships
  • Peer Mentoring


BEST 4.0 is separated into three tiers:


Summer Immersion Program (SIP)

  • FREE program dedicated to students who have been accepted into Hunter College as pre-nursing students
  • Rigorous academic training for fall courses
  • Courses covered include English 120, STAT 113, Chemistry 100/101
  • Program Dates: August 1-16, 2016
  • Academic stipend included
  • Download an application - deadline is July 1, 2016


Hunter College Pre-Nursing (HCPN)

  • Serves students who graduated from the SIP & other Hunter College students enrolled in nursing prerequisite courses
  • "NLN Saturday Sessions" which offer concentrated training for the NLN pre-entrance exam
  • Intensive academic tutoring, peer tutoring, mentoring and academic advisement
  • Academic stipend included


Hunter Bellevue School of Nursing (HBSON)

  • Dedicated to Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Students who are enrolled at the Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing
  • Support for scholarly activities
  • Academic tutoring, peer tutoring, mentoring, academic advisement, career advisement
  • Seminars and workshops aimed to increase student development
  • Academic stipend included


Workshops and Seminars include:


  • Stress-Management
  • Time-Management
  • Study Skills
  • Test Preparation
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Interview Techniques
  • Job Search
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Reputation Consulting/Building your online brand


Program Contacts:

BEST Program Advisor - Mrs. Barbara Singletary,

Coordinator - Mrs. Malini Lall,

Pre-Nursing Advisor - Mr. Michael Akke,


How to Apply:

1.   Please download and complete a BEST application or a Summer Immersion Program (SIP) application.

2.   Email it to Mrs. Barbara Singletary at as a Word document.

3.   Make the subject of the email the same title as the application.

4.   For help or more information, please call 212-481-7574.