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Center for Nursing Research (CNR)


The mission of the CNR at HBSON is to support and facilitate the development of  nurse scientists and their research.



  • Foster a sustainable  culture of scholarship.
  • Facilitate interprofessional research collaboration.
  • Enhance  inter- and intraprofessional collaboration on research.
  • Engage students in the research process.

The Center’s resources to facilitate faculty and student research: 

  • Assistant  Dean for Research guides individual and group faculty research
  • Grants Administrator who helps faculty with all stages of research from locating funding sources to preparing and submitting proposals
  • Statistical consultant    
  • Expert proposal and manuscript consultation
  • Educational technologist to assist with using technology for grant proposals 
  • Student research assistants (RAs) provide reseach help for faculty and give students the opportunity to participate in the research process
  • A dedicated conference room (West 405) that houses a host of multimedia tools including a large flat screen HDTV, a computer, a DVD/VHS system, a high speed scanner, conference calling and multiple video\web conferencing platforms
  • A dedicated research lab for faculty and research assistants with 8 computer stations, and a scanner/printer (Mezzanine Level) that provides:

    -       Office Productivity & Document Creation: Acasi, Adobe CS6 Master Collection (After Effects, Audition, Bridge, Dreamweaver, Encore, ExtendScript, Fireworks, Flash Builder, Flash Professional, Illustrator, InDesign, Media Encoder, Photoshop, Prelude, Premiere Pro), Adobe Reader, Digital Dropbox-- sync files online and across computers, Microsoft Office Professional 2010 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, InfoPath Designer, InfoPath Filler, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, SharePoint Workspace), PDF Writer, Presto Page Manager 7 - Document Management and Sharing Software, QuickTime and SYSTRAN Premium 4 - Language Translation Software

    -       Data Analysis Software: PASW Statistical Package 20, Power and Precision Power Analysis Software, QSR Nvivo Qualitative Research Software, R 2.5.1: Language and Environment for Statistical Computing and Graphics, RR Console Statistical Computing Program, SAS 9.2 and StataIC 12