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Academic Support & Tutoring

Center for Student Achievement
For students on academic probation or otherwise having academic difficulties, the center offers help developing and enhancing study methods.

Chanin Language Lab
Provides help to students studying foreign languages by making available films, audio and video programs, as well as interactive computer language-applications.

Dolciani Math Learning Center
Offers extra help for students taking math courses, by providing access to textbooks, video and audio tools, mathematical software, and also one-on-one tutoring.

The Gene Center's Study Skills for Budding Scientists
An online learning center where students can gain insight on how to improve their current studying practices, adopt new learning techniques, and improve their scientific communication.

Information on Hunter's various libraries -- locations, resources available on-site and online, etc.  Utilize the "Ask-A-Librarian" tool, or learn about upcoming workshops to improve research skills.

Reading/Writing Center
Helps students in all disciplines become better readers and academic writers through the use of expert peer-tutoring, e-tutoring, and writing workshops. Also available are tips for the CUNY Proficiency Exam (CPE).

Socrates Center (biology)
A multimedia learning center for biology students where they can utilize a number of computer, audiovisual and printed resources.  Individual tutoring in biology is also available. (link not working)/ (this is link to biology web page-the page just before the previous link for the Socrates Center.

The Physical Sciences Learning Center
Offers workshops as well as group and individual tutoring for students enrolled in physics, chemistry and astronomy courses.  The center also provides students with an array of textbooks, manuals and videos.

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