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Grants for Special Programs

The College accepts grant documentation from CUNY's Research Foundation for special programs coordinated by various departments in the College such as Education, Social Work and Nursing.

Students who are on a special grant are asked to contact their grant coordinator if their benefits are not posted to their bills by the due date. Do not wait until your registration is canceled!

General Rules:

  • All grant documentation MUST be received PRIOR to the payment due date to avoid the cancellation of your registration. If your paperwork is going to be late, please contact Naomi Donaldson in the Bursar's Office to obtain assistance and avoid cancellation.
  • It is expected that all funds billed are paid PRIOR to the end of the term.
  • Students who have unpaid grant funds on their account at the end of the term will have a stop placed on their account.

Some grants will NOT pay for:

  • fees
  • class drop charges
  • late payment fees
  • late registration fees

Please check with your grant regarding these charges. Students are responsible for paying all charges remaining on their bill that are not covered by the grant.

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