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If you have registered for courses and change your mind about attending please be sure to drop all classes, and don’t simply assume the school will run a cancellation process absolving you of any charges. You must withdraw from your classes prior to the first day of the semester to avoid tuition and fee drop charges. Any student that does not officially withdraw from classes prior to the start of the term will be charged tuition and fees based upon the University’s academic calendar.


The 1098T tax form is issued to all Hunter College students who pay tuition and fees from January 1st - December 31st of each calendar year. Forms are mailed by the CUNY l098T Server on January 31st of each year for the prior calendar year.

Please note: 1098T forms are now available electronically. Please follow the instructions below to Grant Consent to receive your form electronically.

You Can Access Your 1098T on CUNYFirst By Logging In To:

  1.  Self Service, then,
  2. Student Center, then,
  3. Other Finances, and finally,
  4. View 1098T 
You will get an email when the form is ready. Find out more at

Students requesting duplicate l098T forms for any years prior to current year will be charged $5.00 per year.

If you have a specific question about your 1098T form, please email

1098T Form Tax Links:




What expenses are NOT included on the form?

  • room and board or similar living expenses
  • transportation
  • meals
  • books
  • family expenses
  • courses taken for no credit (unless taken to improve job skills)
  • expenses paid at any time other than in the current year for the current calendar year (1/1/17-12/31/17)

Will I get a 1098T form if financial aid covered my tuition and fee charges?
No; however, if financial aid covered only one semester in 2017 and not more than one semester you will receive a form.

Are direct loans included in my 1098T form?
Yes, all monies you must repay are included in the form

Will my 1098T include payments I made during calendar year 2017 for prior calendar year semesters?
No, you do not receive credit on the 1098T form for prior calendar term payments made in the current term.

If I made a payment for the Spring 2018 term in the 2017 calendar year, will I see it on my 2017 1098T form?
Yes, it will appear on your 2017 1098T form because the payment was made in the current year.

Why does my student ID not appear on my 1098T?
ID numbers are not valid social security numbers so the government requires that we leave the box blank.

Since I received a 1098T form, am I qualified to receive one of the educational tax credits?
If you received a 1098T form you are NOT automatically qualified to receive an educational tax credit. The determination of eligibility is the responsibility of the taxpayer.

Can I claim both educational credits this year?
No, you can only select one of the credits for any given tax year.

What is the College's Federal ID number?

For all other questions, please consult a Certified Public Accountant.

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