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If you have registered for courses and change your mind about attending please be sure to drop all classes, and don’t simply assume the school will run a cancellation process absolving you of any charges. You must withdraw from your classes prior to the first day of the semester to avoid tuition and fee drop charges. Any student that does not officially withdraw from classes prior to the start of the term will be charged tuition and fees based upon the University’s academic calendar.

Cancellation of Classes

Why does Hunter College cancel classes?

The College has the discretion to cancel a student's registration when payment is not made on time for the following reasons:

  • University (CUNY) policy
  • To ensure class availability for students who wish to remain enrolled.
  • To remove students on file who do not wish to attend.
  • To provide accurate class enrollment to department heads for scheduling/eliminating classes.

How do I prevent the cancellation of my classes?

  • Review your CUNYfirst bill to ensure your payment has been received and processed by the College.
  • Review your CUNYfirst bill to ensure your financial aid/grants/scholarships/waivers/vouchers, etc. are on your CUNYfirst bill.
  • Submit your payment prior to the due date.
  • File your financial aid paperwork weeks in advance of your bill due date to ensure it is processed timely.
  • Log-on to your account to see pending bill due dates.
  • Keep your address and phone number on file CURRENT so you receive all college messages timely!

How do I know if the College canceled my classes?

  • Your CUNYfirst account will show no registration for the term.
  • You will receive a cancellation email notice to your Hunter email account.


  • Students whose registration is canceled for non-payment will not be able to re-register until a date AFTER all other students have been given an opportunity to register. This will SEVERELY impact your ability to get the classes you WANT!
  • The College will send multiple email (hunter email accounts only) or phone call (main number on file) reminders prior to the bill due date, before cancellations occur.
  • Students who are making payments with TuitionPay and are terminated for non-payment risk being canceled by the College for failing to meet their financial obligations.
  • Students who submit a check for payment that is returned unpaid by the bank risk having their registration canceled by the College.
  • Hunter  College does not accept registration appeals until after the student no longer has an opportunity to register. Appeals are generally not accepted when the student has a history of being canceled for non-payment.
  • If you know you do NOT WISH TO ATTEND CLASSES, please do not assume you will be canceled. Go onto CUNYfirst and actually drop your classes prior to the first official day of class.
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