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If you have registered for courses and change your mind about attending please be sure to drop all classes, and don’t simply assume the school will run a cancellation process absolving you of any charges. You must withdraw from your classes prior to the first day of the semester to avoid tuition and fee drop charges. Any student that does not officially withdraw from classes prior to the start of the term will be charged tuition and fees based upon the University’s academic calendar.

Return of Title IV (Federal Aid) Funds

Students who completely and officially withdraw or unofficially withdraw from ALL their class(es) and who receive Federal Financial Aid are subject to a Return of Title IV Funds calculation. A withdrawal from one class is not subject to this calculation; however, it can affect a student's eligibility to receive financial aid.

Federal law states that the amount of federal aid earned is determined by the amount of days the student was enrolled in class(es).

The Office of Financial Aid will perform a calculation for each student subject to these rules and send a paper notification in the mail to the student.

Students are expected to pay whatever liability is not covered by the amount of financial aid earned.

Students who earn more funds than are required to satisfy their bill will be sent a post-withdrawal disbursement notification so they can receive these excess funds.

In some cases, students may be asked to return funds they received that were unearned.

Please note that students who officially or unofficially withdraw are not entitled to a tuition refund because withdrawal grades carry a liability like any other class.

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